$20M for firewood?

We all hear the stories of wasteful spending in government.  We’ve all heard the joke, if it is a joke, about the $1000 toilet seat or the $100 hammer.  Well, what about our military spending $20 million for firewood.  Yeah, seriously, firewood.

Jason Howerton of The Blaze reports:

During a House Oversight Committee hearing on Thursday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) revealed that the U.S. military is currently spending about $20 million on firewood. That’s right, firewood.

“It mentions in your report that the U.S. military is spending $20 million for firewood. Is there any justification for $20 million in Afghan firewood?” Chaffetz asks John F. Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

“Mr. Chairman that was one of the more interesting comments my auditor told me is that — you are absolutely correct we are paying…approximately $20 million a year for firewood,” Sopko confirmed. “And when my auditors asked for documentation on what we spent on firewood, we were basically told quote unquote ‘we don’t have, the records we just spend the money.’”

Feels, to me, like we’ve done plenty for Afghanistan and now they want us to hold their hands as they rebuild.  First off, we didn’t tear their country apart; the Taliban did.  Second, we gave them freedom.  Third, we help them set up their new government.  Now they want more and more?

That is an obscene amount to spend on firewood.  If this is going to the Afghans, let then get their own firewood.  They’ve been doing it for generations upon generations just fine.


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