What happens if…

What’s going to happen if our embassies in the Muslim countries keep getting attacked?  What happens if Americans keep getting killed?  What does the US do to protect our people and interests abroad?  What about here at home, on our own soil?  What kinds of action will the American people take against Muslims in this country?

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not advocating violence against your neighbors or against mosques.  I’m not suggesting criminal activities against anyone or their property.  What I am doing is asking questions.  Where do we go from here?

If the violence against Americans and American interests continues, I would vote retaliation against those countries if their governments don’t work to stop the violence.  By retaliation, I mean cease all funding and aid, sanctions, clandestine activities, and military action, if needed.

Beyond that, I would think there would be violence aimed at Muslims in the US just as there was after the 9/11/2001 attacks.  Which if it goes the way it did last time, people from the region, as well as South Asia (India and surrounding), that are not Muslim will be mistakenly hurt or killed.

I almost see it as a vicious cycle that keeps going and going.  The Muslims attack and kill westerners, we retaliate and attack and kill Muslims, they retaliate, and the cycle keeps going.

Do you avoid going to their business for fear that you’ll be targeted by them for being non-Muslim and by us for giving them your business?  Kind of a catch 22, huh?

I can see people vandelizing mosques as a way of making political statements, asaulting their parishioners, holding demostrations, then it gets really bad, people get hurt or die and sections of the US become warzones.

I know that’s an extreme view, but look what’s happening in the Mideast right now.  They’re attacking Western places, facilities, and ideas.  Hell, they’ve burned a KFC and Arby’s in Libya.  Horrible!

They best not burn a Taco Bell or the fight is on!


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