Will the USA become the next Atlantis?

The title was only metaphoric.  I see some similarities between the good ol’ USA and the fabled Atlantis.  Both had great power, plenty of fortune and great technology, and both eventually sunk.  They sunk under the ocean and we are sunk in an ocean of debt, political correctness, and liberal policies.

The point is, people, we’re sinking like a ton of bricks and it seems no one in power has any real interest in stopping it.  First off, they tend to care too much about their own political careers to put their foot down and say enough is enough.  Most of them seem delusional enough to think the country will stop turning if they don’t hold the office and someone else has to try to do the job they did so wonderfully.

And then, the liberal policies that dictate our current foreign policy to go and apologize for everything.Just like in the death of Chris Stevens.  The very first comment from the Obama Administration was sided with the Islamic extremists that killed him.

I was, however, happy to see that the Libyans have had enough of those thugs and went after them.  It gives some hope for that part of the world.

The next thing is all the lies told by the left on the right.  For example, that gay group that came out and said Chick-fil-A  was going to pull their donations from pro-traditional marriage and family orgainzations.  I was please to see yesterday that Dan Cathy said nothing has changed and they will continue to fund groups they same way they always have. 

Another problem in this country is the sense of entitlement.  People seem to think they’re owed something.  Check this out, kiddos, no one owes you a thing.  You have no right to a job, to a house, to a car, to healthcare, to a credit card, a big huge brand new TV, or a college education.  You have to earn those things or purchase those things.  There’s no reason that my wife and I should have to pay for your healthcare.  There’s no reason that you should pay for my and my wife’s healthcare either. 

On top of that, I’m not willing to pay so some lazy bum doesn’t want to go out and get a job, but he’s carrying an iPhone and driving a new car.  I’m tired of subsidizing your lazy, good-for-nothing butts.

So, with all that said, will the US desolve into a legend some day?  Will it be a place that people claim they may have found clues to… in the wrong part of the world?  Or are we going to stop bleeding this country dry and restore our nation to it’s old glorious place in history?


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