Double standards in media

If there’s one thing I’m sick of, it’s the double standard in media.  Certain remarks are fine to say about certain groups, but not others;  particular people, but only them, not the adversaries; they can mock and undermine some religions, but not others.  It’s a lot of crazy ideas that to be equal in every sense, you have to knock down the majority and pander to the minority.

Starting off with politics, Rush Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluke a slut.  This is a woman who claims to be going broke having to buy birth control!  Is she screwing that much?  Rush is basically forced to apologize for his remarks about her, regardless of how true they may be.

On the other side of the coin, Bill Mahar, who is about as funny as a heart attack, calls Sarah Palin a slut.  This is a woman who’s been faithfully married to the same man for 25 years and had children with him.  Bill Mahar is never called to the carpet and made to apologize.  See the double standard?

The liberal media made Occupy Wall Street out to be a grassroots movement of heroes fighting for the common good, while they we violent vandals that defecated on police cars, used drugs, raped and pillaged, and abused a system that supports their lifestyle.

The Tea Party was made out to be a bunch of fanatical racists.  There hasn’t been any trouble with the Tea Party at their rallies.  They usually leave the place nicer than how they found it!

Then we move onto religious tolerance.  The Left wants you to embrace Islam, for example. Yet, when they talk about Romney they say they won’t vote for a Mormon.  Really?  You’re going to take sides with a faith that has a child molesting murdering thug as a prophet over a faith that promotes clean living and loving everyone?

I think I’d rather hang out with Joseph Smith any day of Muhammad.  At least, your daughters will be safe with Mr. Smith.

The liberal media would have you believe the opposite, though.  They make it look as if western faiths are ludicrous, but those of the East and Mideast are better.  What ever happened to an unbiased media?  Just report the news and move on, I don’t want your opinion, you freakin’ talking head!

The list goes on and on.  Every day, I see stories that I know are total BS just by thinking about what’s said.  Critical thinking is the key here, folks, critical thinking.

Basically, when the media tells you something, think about it and research the story.  You may find there’s more than they’re telling you.


One Comment to “Double standards in media”

  1. As Mark Twain is reported to have said, “If you do NOT read the newspapers, you are uninformed. If you DO read the newspapers, you are MISinformed. New forms of media now, but other than that, the story is the same after 100 years.

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