They didn’t know, huh?

Fox News reported today the Obama Administration knew the attack on out ambassador to Libya was a terrorist attack linked to Al Qaeda from the beginning.  However, they chose to, once again, lie to the American public about the events that unfolded there.  Why?

My theory is the administration is afraid of the political fallout that befall the president’s campaign if the American public were to see the failure in security for our ambassadors.  See Why is the Obama Administration lying about Libya? for more information.

This is just one in a line of outright lies told to the American public by the Obama Administration.  Looking back, they claimed they had no clue of Fast and Furious.  We all know that was totally off.  What about Reverend Wright?  Obama claimed he never heard his racist sermons, but attended for more than 20 years. Whatever.

The list goes on and on.

Why is this time any different from any other?  It’s not.  American lives were lost because the Obama Administration didn’t take proper care in the operation of their missions.  I’m not saying Obama himself messed up, but people within his administration.

With all that said, with the Obama Administration saying it was protesters out of control, then changing their story little by little until they get to where they are now, tells me that there is more to come.  The whole truth isn’t out yet.

Have thoughts on the deal?


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