Debates…. Why are the libs making excuses?

Before the debates, people were saying they didn’t expect Obama to win.  Not because he’s a bad debater, rather because he’s the incumbent.  I looked into the claim that incumbents generally lose the first debate, and it’s true.  In fact, the left sees Obama as a master debater….a big ol’ master debater. 

Heck, Obama is known for master debating all over the place.  So what happened the other night?  Where was Obama?  The answer is simple.  He was right there on stage, but didn’t have a teleprompter to guide him.

Romney, on the other hand, was an absolute bulldog.  I think Romney’s confidence and composure caught Obama off guard.  In fact, so much so he had to slam Romney’s comments AFTER the debate as he didn’t have the guts (or teleprompter) to do so DURING the debate.

The next day, everyone from MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, CNN, and whatever other liberal media outlets are already making excuses for Obama’s poor performance. 

They were saying everything from he just wasn’t feeling it, of they have no idea where he was mentally, to the altitude of Denver screwed him up.


I find it amusing the left has to go on such an offensive tirade when their guy doesn’t perform to their standard, but they aim their tirade at the Republican candidate.  It never ceases.  These people are morons.  While the Right has their own problems, it seems the Left has 10 times as many.  For every Republican that does something stupid, 3 or 4 Democrats pull bonehead stunts.

So these people in the liberal media, in the bag for Obama, seem to be out of their mind with conspiracies and false accusations.  They really need to think about how freaking looney they look talking about the crap they do.  Be decenst and honest, admit Obama just sucked at the debate and it had nothing to do with anything anyone did, but him.



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