Wait, wait, wait! I thought the government was fair!

Yeah, I thought the government was fair!  You know that was sarcasm, I assume, but there are a lot of people who do believe that.  They believe the government has their best interest at heart.  Now, while there may be those in government who do have your best interest at heart, the government, itself, does not.

Look at Teofilo Flores, a Texas cotton grower.  He was offered $1,650 for a slice of his backyard.

At first, it seemed fair, but then the cotton grower learned that his neighbor had received 40 times more for a similar piece of land. Another nearby farmer received $1 million in exchange for his cooperation.

Since 2008, hundreds of landowners on the border have sought fair prices for property that was condemned to make way for the fence. But many of them received initial offers that were far below market value. And dozens accepted those amounts without seeking any legal help, only to discover neighbors had won far larger settlements after hiring attorneys.


What???  The federal government screwing citizens?  Never!  That would never happen!  I think the conservative media is lying to us.  Now you know that was sarcasm.

If never ceases to amaze me what the feds will do to the people of this country.  They dump all kinds of money into screwed up programs like Fast and Furious and lose money and American lives.  Then they turn around and screw farmers out of their land.

You know there’s something wrong when the government lets guns go to the hands of narco-terrorists, but continually screws over Americans. 

What about Libya?  Is it fair the White House took a stance against an American citizen for making a crappy movie no one saw in the first place?  There was an obvious attempt at a scapegoat.

Trust the government still?  I hope not.


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