Time for a third party?

There are essentially two guys running for president; Obama and Romney.  The left loves Obama, and the right… well, we have Romney.  I think that if Romney wins the election, it won’t be because he’s Mitt Romney.  If Romney wins, I believe it will primarily be because he’s NOT Obama.

Who do we on the right really have on our side?  Mitt is, in my opinion, still a relatively big government guy.  Not as big of one as Obama, but still.

On my way into work this morning, I was listening to the radio and our local morning talk show host, Reid Mullins, mentioned that if the GOP wins this election and Romney is installed and he flops, there will be a third party; a voting booth revolution, a revolt at the polls.  I agree.  You can check him out here.

I can easily see a viable third party coming into play if Romney doesn’t hold up to our standards, the Tea Party will likely come forth to challenge both parties.  It will especially hurt the GOP.  I think you’ll find the moderates stay in the GOP and the more conservatives and libertarians will go to the Tea Party.  You’ll see the social conservatives who lie government programs stay in the GOP, though.

If Obama wins re-election, then the fight for a third party is on.  A GOP loss would go to show the GOP chose the wrong man and that they have weakened to only rhetoric and empty threats.

So, is it time for a third party?  A grassroots party?  I say yes, it is time for a 3rd party.  It’s time for a platform that includes smaller government and less social intrusion; meaning it’s not the government’s business what you do in your bedroom.  For that matter, it’s no one’s business, but yours.  It needs to stay that way.

I have a feeling that if a party emerges that offers less government, both fiscally and socially, you’ll see great support from a huge number of Americans.  Those welfare junkies will likely try to stay in the status quo, but I think there would be a strong calling for a party like that.


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