Here’s a big ol’ WTF story for you

Ok, so now we have people prosecuted for standing up for their rights against the TSA.  This is ridiculous, people.  Put your crown on because this is Sofa King We Todd Did!  <– say it three times fast, you’ll get it.  So now, when your child is fondled by some pervert at the airport, you get into legal trouble for protesting.  You know the TSA went after this like dogs after a steak.  Seriously, read this story and then click on the source for the WHOLE story.  This is a screwed up deal, folks. 

A woman was found guilty Tuesday of disorderly conduct for berating security  officers trying to pat down her teenage daughter and then refusing to submit to  the procedure herself at a Tennessee airport.

Jurors deliberated four hours before convicting Andrea Abbott. She had faced  up to 30 days in jail and a $50 fine for her conduct in the July 2011  confrontation at Nashville International Airport, but the judge placed her on  probation for a year because she has no criminal record.

Judge Joe P. Binkley Jr., warned the 42-year-old “to be certain you don’t get  into any further problems with the law.”

Abbott didn’t talk to reporters outside the courtroom. Her defense attorney,  Brent Horst, said she was disappointed in the verdict, but felt she got a fair  trial.

“She just wanted to stand on principle, because she felt that she had done  nothing wrong,” said Horst, who handled the case pro bono. “And I admire her for  that.”

The prosecution said Abbott’s behavior “prevented others from carrying out  their lawful activities,” which is part of the definition of disorderly conduct  under state law. Abbott testified during the first day of the trial on Monday  that she was not unruly but did yell at officers. She said she was “irritated,  but not arguing.”

This mother did exactly as she should have done.  Standing up to corrupt government flunkies like many of those at TSA is exactly what needs to happen.  I hope you would have the same kind of gaul to tell someone to get their hands of your child when they get too friendly looking for whatever.

TSA, again, should be put to rest.  Privatize TSA and watch the difference.  I’d bet you’ll have better security and more curtious employees.  I would also bet that you won’t see so many legalized sexual assaults.


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