One day left!

One day left, folks, til we decide the fate of our great nation.  Just one day left to make your voice heard.  Who’s it gonna be?  Romney or Obama?  The “R” of the “D”?  Constitutional freedom or more socialism?

So, I went to early vote in my home state of Oklahoma Saturday, thinking I was actually ahead of the game, until I saw the line of cars waiting to get into the already packed parking lot.  It went 9 blocks!  It was a large parking lot, packed full and people were waiting to get into the lot and cast their ballots! 

This, my friends, is huge.

I don’t remember the turnout being this large in the 2008 election.  That’s the election that record amounts of minorities and young voters showed up to make Obama the first black president of the US.

So far, it looks like this will be an even bigger election than last time and maybe one of the biggest elections in recent history.

Now, keep in mind that a large election is a double edged sword.  On the one hand, it’s great that people are getting out there and making their voices heard and it’s great they care about the direction of the country.  On the other hand, some of those people care too much and will do whatever they deem necessary to see their candidate elected.  You saw this in the 2008 election when the New Black Panther party threatened voters if they voted for McCain.

We’re already seeing news stories accusing groups of voter fraud, voting machines not working properly in some swing states.  Yeah, seriously, people claim they were voting for Romney, but it would say Obama.  I wonder how many people didn’t catch that and just hit submit.  How many people are getting screwed out of their votes, whether it was intentional or not, by these machines?

The Dems have already started their law suits over voting issues; the latest in Florida.  I have a feeling that even if Romney wins, Obama will still be our next president.  He’ll achieve it through lawsuits and other means.  I hope I’m wrong, but will see.

Ok, folks, get out there and vote.  Let’s keep the momentum going and get the US back on track to prosperity!

Also, if you see UN monitors in your state, I want to know about it.   Comment or email me directly if you have them in your state.


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