The days after

I walked into work this morning and was asked by no less than a dozen people how I felt about the election results.  Everyone in my office knows how I feel about President Obama and his policies.  I simply said, “I’m not happy about it, but the US gets the government she deserves.”

What does that mean, exactly, I later wondered.  It means simply this; if the majority of the country votes for a socialist, we get socialism.  If the majority of the country votes for freedom, we get freedom.  Obviously, more people voted for the socialist way of life.  That really got me to thinking, too.  What is it about the current state of affairs that makes our country so screwed up?  I said it, the US is screwed up.  There seems to be this sense of entitlement… wait, no…. “seems” is the wrong word.  There IS this sense of entitlement in the US that makes people think they deserve something.

Well, let me be the first to tell you liberal morons that you don’t deserve crap.  No one deserves free healthcare, a free home, free anything.  Do you lefties actually know the role of the federal government?  It’d not to provide you with a paycheck, unless you work in government, or provide you with healthcare.  It’s role is to provide for the common defense and common good of the nation.  Pretty much, beyond that, the rest is up to the states.  Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be; how it was originally intended and set up.

Then you have that sham, Obamacare.  Yeah, it gives you the “right” to healthcare, but it isn’t free.  Even if it were, it will still result in substandard treatment.  Have you seen how many doctors are getting out?  You may have the Obamacare insurance, but if there aren’t any doctors to see, then what good is it?

I know this is a bit of a rambler posting, but I have a lot I want to say and I’ve had a few beers already.

My grandparents were Democrats.  Old school Dems.  They were the type that believed in supporting the farmer and the worker, but keeping the government out of our daily lives.  They believed in living life as they saw fit, without some bureaucrat telling them how to live.  Now days, the left wants to tell you God isn’t important, that you have to support gay marriage and abortion, and if you’re white, you ain’t right.

That’s all crap; total crap.

Don’t get me wrong, the Republicans aren’t that much better.

You see, here’s how they work.  The left wants the government to control your business life and force minority views upon the majority.  The right wants to control social life and let business do what it wants or has to do to prosper.

Both these groups are wrong.  If you look at how our forefathers lived and worked, it was more of a Libertarian way.  Smaller government, but stay out of out bedrooms.  Let us live as we see fit.  If I want to smoke weed that I grew myself or bought from a local grower, who cares?  If Neil and Bob want to have gay sex in the privacy of their home, who cares?  I don’t care.

It’s all a load of crap.

So what does this election have in store for us, the American public?  I have a feeling that it means the country is in big trouble, fiscally and politically.  I have a feeling that…. well, think about this.  We now have a president that is in a 4 year lame duck session.  Unless he rewrites the Constitution, he won’t serve a third term.  Now, I do believe that if he finds a loophole for a third term, he’ll exploit it, but that’s a different situation altogether.

This guy has already told Russia he’ll have more flexibility when he’s re-elected.  Several countries that are not really that close to us have made statements supporting Obama’s re-election.  Where is that going to lead us?

What about civil liberties?  I mean real civil liberties, not this BS of pandering to racist minority people and groups.  Rather, civil liberties that say everyone is equal, regardless of race, creed, religion, yada yada yada.

What happens when people have had enough of this guy and say it’s time to take our country back?  Are the political disedents villified as terrorists and criminals?   Are people within the patriot movement criminalized for expressining different views?

What happens when Obama wants more UN participation in American policy? Will he continue to sell us down the river?

I think he will.  I don’t trust this guy any further than I can throw him.  I feel he’s going to do more to change our country to be more like Europe, especially Eastern Europe…. Cold War Eastern Europe.

Folks, I know I have readers from both sides of the aisle.  Is an American society that tells you that you have to live a certain way or buy a certain product a country you want to live in?  Not me.

I will continue to fight for a free… truly free… USA.  Whether you agree with me on social or political issues or not, I would hope that you would agree we need to be free to make our own decisions and our own destinies.  We don’t need any government telling us that we have to live a certain way or that we have to support a particular ideal.  All we need is to let each other live life as we see fit for ourselves and our families.

Simple as that.


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