Big Government fails again!

While the nation’s hearts go out to those in the Northeast, it appears FEMA has other priorities.  The safety of the federal workers over the safety and welfare of the citizens of the hardest hit disaster areas.

While I can understand FEMA’s desire to protect their workers, they process they chose left a lot of people out in the cold.  Remember, it’s EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT not EMERGENCY ABANDONMENT.

People are angry, and deservidly so.  President Obama promised vowed to get help to the victims quickly.

“No bureaucracy. No red tape,” Obama vowed.

Then reality hit, union federal workers said there was no way they were hunkering down with displaced residents and FEMA locations were closed.

Hey, FEMA, there are ways to protect your workers and still serve the community!

With all that said, leave it to the community to respond and do a better job. 

One group of residents, calling themselves the “Brown Cross,” is patrolling the devastated streets, armed with walkie-talkies, and helping residents clear debris and pump water from their flooded homes. The group started with a dozen men, and has swollen to more than 100.

“We’re basically giving the people of the neighborhood organization,” Frank Recce, the 24-year-old longshoreman and Iraq Army veteran who organized the group, told “We were able to hit more than 200 houses by Monday. We’ve done more for our community than FEMA, the Red Cross and the National Guard combined, directly hitting houses and people in need.”


Brown Cross isn’t a company trying to make a profit.  They are a group of volunteers making a diference.  That’s what I call community organizing.  Not that stuff ol’ Barry did in Chicago.


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