Sorry for the slower postings, folks.  I have a lot on my plate right now and and trying to keep up.  However, there is something I want to talk about; secession. You may have heard that 27 states have now filed petitions with the White House to secede from the US and form their own governments.  Texas is leading the pack with over 77,000 signatures, Oklahoma is about a quarter of the way to the required numbers, Georgia is almost there at over 22,000.  The battle lines aren’t drawn with a simple line like in 1860; you know, North and South.  The states petitioning are a patchwork across the US and include all political persuasions.  There are both red and blue states, and even swing states, on the roster.

In fact, if you go to the White House’s “We the People” site, you can see the petitions and even sign one if you’re so inclined.

What happens if the Whitehouse approves the petitioners’ requests?  You’ll see a whole different map of the US.  You’ll likely find US states surrounded by states that left the Union.  Will they fall away from the US eventually, too?

What about war?  Will this result in a war for independence?  How will this all work?  What about the economies of the states?  There’s a lot to consider here and a lot at risk.  Now, I’m not saying the states should or should not secede, but before we take any steps in that direction, the people need to be fully aware of what’s at stake.

Don’t forget the think about the UN.  I’m sure they’d get involved, too.

Got any thoughts on the matter?


One Comment to “Secession?”

  1. I believe that the other countries will come and collect by property and regain the territory that worked to get out of the U.K.S grips, or the economy will flip and another great depression will star but even worse then the first one to the point the there will be militia instead of government. I don’t get why they don’t reboot the economy, everyone would get a clean slate and we could work from there.

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