WTF is going on in our country?

I don’t know if you follow the news, but I do.  Everyday lately, I’ve seen or heard some story that just floors me.  Everything from people abusing their children to criminals having more rights than their victims; and there’s more!

Lets start out in Utah. Layton, Utah police arrested Clare Niederhauser, 64, last week after he fired one shot at a car and another at a fleeing burglar, said Layton Police Lt. Shawn Horton. He was arrested on suspicion of two counts of reckless endangerment.

Ok, I can see two sides to this story.  You can’t just go popping off rounds risking innocent bystanders.  However, I bet those SOBs don’t come back around there!  If you’re going to break into someone’s home, you better be prepared to to get your ass blown away.

My only real problem with this guy shooting at them while they were running away is that he missed… although it seems he missed on purpose.

Niederhauser’s supporters said he is being unfairly punished for protecting his home. They said the arrest sets a precedence that homeowners can’t protect themselves and have launched a blog urging people to call police to complain and contribute to a legal aid fund.

The blog supporting Niederhauser says at the top, “Support Clare Niederhauser. A good man did the right thing.”

“He tried to act in a way that is responsible and compassionate and keep his head about him,” said Loran Hubbard, 53, of Layton. “We have the right to defend ourselves when we are confronted with a lethal weapon. If a big crowbar isn’t a lethal weapon, I haven’t seen one.”

There had been two other burglaries in the neighborhood in the past three months that had Niederhauser on high alert, said neighbor Teuvo Jones. The shot he fired at Santos Cruz was a warning shot near a hollow, Jones said.

“You would have to have all the laws of physics changed to make that a danger to anyone,” said Jones, basing his assessment on Niederhauser’s account. “It was far from reckless.”

So… is this a case of over reaction by local authorities?

Next, we now know that the Obama Administration is perfectly fine with killing Americans they believe (note the word believe) are part of terror groups.  Right now they say they’re just going after alleged senior members of Al Qaeda who are Americans, but how long until they say any terror group.  Even scarier, how long until they label people as terrorists just for opposing cetain policies or maybe even political opposition?

Then, there’s all these shootings.  It’s almost like the left is setting it up so they can push their gun control agenda.  It’s peculiar how at Sandy Hook, the FBI was there.  They just happened to be near by training on just such a scenario.  Notice how the left politicized this deal so quickly, too.  They went after scary guns when the weapons used were handguns.  Idiots in DC, and accross the country, are now screaming out that they want to law-abiding Americans disarmed.

This is all shortly after, Homeland Security, NOAA, and Social Security bought all that ammo AND after Homeland Security bought all those MRAPS.  And the UN!  They want to regulate our rights!  These people can kiss my… well, you know where I’m going here.

Am I crazy or is there some sort of trend going on? 



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