Is Ron Paul a fake?

Ron Paul has long been a proponent of liberty in the US.  He has also been on the warpath against the UN’s intrusion into American politics and sovereignty, but is he really?  Read this story from Fox News and decide.

Libertarian folk hero and retired Rep. Ron Paul has filed a lawsuit to take the domain name from a legion of loyal supporters.

The site owners’ response: “That’s not cool! We want our old pre-retirement Ron Paul back!”

The Texas Republican and three-time presidential candidate filed the complaint Friday with an agency of the United Nations. He argues at length in his complaint that he should have the domain name — as well as one for — for free because he already has a common law trademark on his name.

Beyond his 14 years in national politics, Paul argues, his trademark is further burnished by his many books, being “widely quoted by scholars” and having the reputation as a “premier advocate for liberty in American politics.”

The owners of the domain names say they are disappointed by the complaint, considering how many of them — particularly the young, energetic supporters — kept Paul’s 2012 run energized through grassroots campaigning and fundraising.

“Like thousands of fellow Ron Paul supporters, we put our lives on hold and invested five years of hard work into Ron Paul, and Ron Paul 2012,” the owners, who are getting a lawyer and have 20 days to prepare a complaint response, said on their site. 

The owners also are bristling over Paul filing the complaint with a U.N. agency, which many libertarians mistrust. Plus they dispute Paul’s argument that they tried to sell him the website for $848,000.

The owners say they offered up for free after hearing Paul say last month he regretted that he did not own the site.

However, they said they would sell Paul the site and their mailing list of 170,000 people for the price of $250,000.

“Claims that we tried to sell Ron Paul ‘his name’ for $250k or even $800k are completely untrue, and there is little doubt that our mailing list would have enabled Ron Paul to raise several million dollars,” the owners said. “What in the world is going on?”

You see, folks, after reading that story I had to think about Ron Paul and his tenure as a Texas representative in DC.  I have long thought he was a bit of a loose cannon.  Not because he claims to love liberty, but because of things like this, the alleged racist remarks in his newletter that he knew nothing about, and some of the types of people he attracts to his campaign and rallies.  Notice how they can become heated as quickly as leftist protests?

I now have no respect or trust at all for Ron Paul.  None whatsoever.  Running to the UN just solidified it for me.  The UN… Roan Paul, what the hell are you thinking?  Now you’re inviting them to get involved in the American legal system.  Numb nut.


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