Did ya see it? Did ya see Obama’s propaganda?

So, I sat down last night to watch the State of the Union speech and then Marco Rubio’s rebuttal.  I was expecting to hear the same ol’ hurrah from Obama that we always hear.  You know, his talk of how great his administration is doing on all things important.  But what I heard instead wasthat he planned to be a dictator if need be, that the GOP was a sorry sack of crap that stalled everything, that he was always ready to sign bills into law, but Congress wouldn’t move forward, and how we need to hurry up a bill on gun control.

The president went on to use victims and survivors of “gun violence” as political pawns in his campaign-style stumping about how they deserve a vote on gun control.  Well, Mr. President, I agree, but don’t hurry Congress into voting on an incomplete or inadequate proposal.  They deserve the same as any other American.  They deserve the best effort Congress can give them.

On top of that, Obama told the audience that if Congress didn’t act on his global warming initiative, he would go forward without them.  He would issue more Executive Orders.  I swear, this guy has done more EOs than any other president.  Hell, he may have them all beat combined!

Then he goes onto his gun control agenda.  Why can he not see that it doesn’t work? He even spoke of that innocent child killed in Chicago.  She was shot dead in a city with strict gun control!  You can bet your last dollar that the killer didn’t buy his gun legally anyway.  Freakin’ goofy ‘tard gun control people.

Well, today, as promised, Obama started his nation-wide campaign to pitch his different plans.  He went to North Carolina and, according to Fox News Radio, no one was there to greet him when he landed.  I laughed at that one.  I hope it’s true.  That’s what they tweeted.

Let’s watch and see where it goes from here.  I bet it looks like a total screw up.


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