Does the left have their own Mel Gibson?

Alec Baldwin, funny guy on 30 Rock, been in tons of movies and TV shows, has lost his ever-loving mind!  According to TMZ, this madman called a black photog a “coon” right after telling a woman asking about his marriage that he wanted to “choke her to death.”

This isn’t the first time this goofy freak has had some sort of insane outburst.  Remember the recording of his abusive attack on his daughter?  What about the airline thing?  I understand how addictive Words with Friends is, but come on!  Actually, I don’t know.  Never played it, but you get the point I’m trying to make.

I find it peculiar, however, that Baldwin’s cast-mate Tracy Morgan said that IF he called the photog a “coon” then he should apologize immediately.  However, if a conservative actor was accused of such nastiness, the same lefties would be up in arms attacking whoever the moron was.  They wouldn’t even give him/her the chance to defend themselves. 

Anyway, it looks to me like Alec Baldwin has become the left’s version of Mel Gibson… only with better hair.



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