Police abusing power? Never….

Let me start off by saying that I can understand use of force when needed and I agree with the use of force when necessary, but read this story from the AP.  If this doesn’t get your blood boiling, nothing will.

This was on the Washington Post:

FREDERICK, Md. — The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says the death of a mentally disabled man in police custody has been ruled a homicide.

Cpl. Jennifer Bailey said Friday that the state medical examiner determined that 26-year-old Robert Saylor of New Market died of asphyxia Jan. 12.

Saylor had Down syndrome.

Bailey says he died after resisting arrest by three deputies at a Frederick movie theater. An employee had called police because Saylor wouldn’t leave his seat after a movie.

Bailey says Saylor cursed at the deputies. She says he became medically distressed while they were escorting him in handcuffs from the theater.

Bailey says the evidence will be given to the state’s attorney’s office for review after the investigation is complete.

Meanwhile, all three deputies remain on regular duty.

Ok, people, Down Syndrome is a disease that produces distinct physical features.  You can, generally, look at a person with Down Syndrome and tell that they have it.

I’m sure the police officers knew that he had DS and that people with DS can be either super sweet or super stubborn.  Knowing that, there was no reason for the officers involved to kill this poor guy.  I can see no justification for this homicide from what the story reads.

I wonder what will end up happening to the officers involved.


3 Comments to “Police abusing power? Never….”

  1. It all comes down to proper training. They keep up with the “latest” street drugs but DS is NOT NEW! They need to know how to recognize someone with DS, handle special needs people, and make better/educated desicions. Then if they didn’t use the proper measures that leads to killing the person, they are obviously in deep doo doo and FIRED! There is no excused for what happened no matter how it’s viewed.

    Hard Ass

    • That’s right. That’s kind of the point I was trying to make. DS isn’t new and most people with any little bit of sense can tell when someone has DS. Therefore, taking the action they did was definitely not needed.

  2. I have called the 3 major Police Training Foundations, and NONE of them has DS specific de-escalation or use-of-force training. ALL of them thought that DS was a mental health disorder. I’m trying to assemble a panel of experts to help write this training, so email me if you know someone that can help.

    Thanks for writing this post, and boosting awareness!!


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