Wait… Aren’t we broke?

Ok, so I’m under the impression that the federal government is pretty much broke. Am I missing something?

I’m sitting here watching tv and I see this commercial stating that federal government is cracking down on fraud in the telephone lifeline program. The next thing these morons say is that we, as consumers, need to hurry up and get your welfare phone service before it’s too late. Hell, they even have the same thing for cell phones!

Next, the Obama Administration is about to start their new public relations campaign. Now get this, folks. Several federal agencies are reaching out to the public telling them how to get money from the federal government. Yes, you read right.

Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn has already sent his opinion to the White House, which was obviously ignored.

So, let me ask you fine folks a question. WTF is going on? It’s totally obvious to me the asshats in power are doing everything they can to make us more and more dependent on them.

What has happened to the independent spirit of the American soul? What kind of selfish, infantile mentality brought on the feeling of entitlement? Do you really want the government taking care of you from cradle to grave?

I mean, seriously, what happened to us? Everyday, I see people who think they ” deserve” money because they don’t want to work. Then they call up demanding money like their owed something.

There was a day when the average American worked his and her ass off. Now people just sit on their fat asses looking to get something for nothing. And the Obama Administration is promoting it!

So what happens when there is no more money and China owns us? What do these people do when there are no more funds? I’ll tell you what they do. They will riot, plunder, steal, and kill for what they ” deserve.”

Some of them will do it just for fun. You always see it when there’s a major catastrophe. You saw it in the Occupy movement. That’s the only time they get off their lazy butts.

So, what are we going to do? Ideas? Anyone? Hello? I see something coming down the pipe and it ain’t pretty, folks. It ain’t pretty.


One Comment to “Wait… Aren’t we broke?”

  1. If the USA govt and bankers are held to account for
    fraud committed then there would be a world banking
    collapse / such result of an world banking collapse
    would return humanity quickly back to the stone age.

    Thus nations have no choice but to turn a blind eye
    to the fraud committed by a USA thus allow it to go
    and print $billions on $billions of what in reality
    is but worthles money /which keeps alive a monetary
    illusion to provide funds to feed/ house the people.

    Put another way it as bosses of tobacco companies
    saying that tobacco and its added highly chemicals
    causing no harm to one’s health /where the reality
    tobacco & it’s added highly addictive chemicals is
    killing millions of people worldwide / killing far
    more than that of all the wars as /bombs / bullets.

    The point being via 24 / 7 govt media brainwashing
    & USA movie industry turning out mindless nonsense
    americans over many decades mixed realty & fantasy
    such mental state has matured unto that of zombism
    zombie policy is simply that of killing /hence the
    invasion of nations / the USA movie industry which
    producing endless movies of violence/it to satisfy
    peoples need of violence/thus govt keeping control.

    However the people becoming (ever more) crazed in
    their desire to kill/thus in preperation the govt
    have stripped the people of all rights any person
    can now be killed or imprisoned/no trials no jury
    thousand of drones (unmaned aircraft) fitted with
    cameras to watch people / missiles to kill people
    are now deployed/the police will be taken off the
    streets / they will be replaced by the military..
    whom will shoot to kill any whom breaking curfews
    or shoot any whom suspected looters ( this caused
    by food shorage)where food rationing be very poor.

    The answer to your question /is you are not going
    to do anything but try survive/as is human nature.

    I advise on your PC search put ( words of peace )
    or put ( words of peace global ) on site being an
    selection of videos in which Prem Rawat talks of
    meditation of one turning the senses inwards thus
    via meditation bringing a practical experience of
    the power of creation where via such an practical
    experience one can know the creator via a clarity
    of understanding / thus not believing but knowing
    the creator / in fully understanding such purpose
    of creation /understanding how precious a life is.

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