To be Christian is wrong?

Several left-leaning groups like Faithful America and People for the American Way basically say yes to the question, “is it wrong to be Cristian?”  They actually say it is wrong to be a conservative Christian and to follow biblical teachings.  Don’t let the names of these groups fool you.  These are groups that oppose traditional American values, conservative thought, and Christian morals.  These are the types of people who preach tolerance, yet show none.

Look at what they’re doing to Tim Tebow.  They’re going after him like madmen, and they’re not attacking him for his lackluster quarterbacking.  They’re attacking the man for professing his Christian faith and speaking at conservative churches that follow biblical teachings.

These are the same groups that tell you to respect Islamic teachings, even the most extreme of which, while they tell you Christian teachings are intolerant.  These are the same people who want you to accept them for what they are, but are unwilling to accept you.

If you are Christian, don’t let these groups weaken your resolve to stay faithful.  Don’t let these people derail you. 

In my little mind, holding onto your faith is of the utmost importance.  I’ll tell you right here, that I’ve had problems fairly recently with my faith.

While I’m not going to go into all of the issues at hand, I will say that my wife pulled me back in and made me realize just how important faith was to me and how vital it still is.  I’m just thankful she’s strong enough to show me the way when I’m lost.

Therefore, when someone attacks you for your faith, don’t let it get to you and don’t let it force your hand.  Tebow has already backed out of 2 speaking engagements because of liberal attacks on his Christian faith.  Don’t let them do it to you.  You may have no idea how important it is to your soul, as well as you country’s future.


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