You’re really not gonna like me… if you’re on the Left

Do you remember a time when the United States was the strong, independent nation the world envied?  A lot of you may be too young, I mean, I just caught the tail end of that era.  So why have we fallen?  Yes, folks, we’ve fallen.

We, as a nation, tend to say the US is the greatest country on earth.  Well, folks, it’s not.  My wife sent me a video of Jeff Daniels in some movie talking about this same thing and I have to say I agree.  I agree the US is no longer the greatest nation on earth, but before you crucify me, hear me out.

It all really started a long time ago, perhaps before many of us were born, in the late 50s and early 60s.  Some say our demise started before that, still.  But lets just stick with the late 50s and early 60s for now.

That’s when the people who wanted more entitlements from the federal government came of age to start making a difference.  For better or worse, they made a difference.  Who are they?  They’re the progressive left with their socialist ideas and goals, they’re the homosexual agenda pushers, they’re the people who want big government and entitlements.  These are the same people who overtly push for change that weakens the very fabric of the nation.

These people have succeeded is taking this once great nation from the top-tier down to a 2nd tier society.  These people have succeeded in their mission to push us into a more “fair” utopian-type society. 

However, they did it at the expense of what made us great.  By pushing their liberal entitlement agenda, the left has interrupted, if not destroyed, the independent spirit of the American past.  Their political correctness and forcible sodomy of the their cultural and societal views have castrated the American man from a strong provider to a sniveling baby.

You find people every day who just want what’s “theirs.”  Rather, they want what the believe to be theirs.  John F. Kennedy once said not to ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.  Remember that?  Even if you weren’t around yet, you’ve had to have heard the quote.  Now days, it’s what can my country give me. 

It’s pitiful.  The left has made this country into one of whiny self-serving weenies.  Then, those of us on the right are vilified for wanting people to take personal responsibility, work, and take care of themselves and their family. 

What has happened to make this country into a bunch of politically correct ass-monkies?  I’ll tell you what is was; it was a very vocal minority.  Then they had kids and taught them to be just as leftist as they were.  Now their kids are having kids and their teaching them the ways of the dark side.

Look here, folks, we have got to be more vocal about taking our country back and being the best damn country there is.  We have to get back to a more ethical and moral lifestyle.  Don’t let those people with self-serving agenda take more from you.  Cut back on the entitlements and the federal spending fiasco and foster a more independent culture as we once had.  If we don’t, all is lost.


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