Retarded and Moronic Things of Today

If you’re like me, you like to watch the news and see what all is going on in the world.  With those stories, you can kind of get an idea of where the world and events are going or leading to.

So, lets look at some of the more idiotic things in the news.  First, Brown University is set to hold an event today aimed at teaching male students how to find sexual pleasure from their prostates.  Yeah, so when you get tired of rubbing your junk, just shove your fingers up your keetser and see what happens.

Sexologist Charlie Glickman is teaching the course and will “talk about the common concerns that sometimes keep people from exploring it (and how to overcome them), tips for easy and pleasurable anal penetration, prostate massage, which toys work best for prostate fun, pegging, combining prostate pleasure with other kinds of sex, and much more.”

Hey, Glickman!  See that boundary?  Stop pushing it!  It’s all part of Brown’s annual sex week.  Seriously, you’re tuition dollars are going to school sponsored orgies.

Then you have these idiots in Butte, Montana smashing milk and waker gallons in the stores.  It’s supposed to be some sort of prank.  Butte police officers say that some teens…wait… Butte… drop the E and the word belongs with the Brown story… anyway, some of these teens may face charges.

Good!  I hope those little turds DO face charges.  It’s stupid to go around destroying stuff that cost money!  Little Butte-heads.

Let’s see, Hugo Chavez’ right-hand man Maduro claims the late dictator was the reason they chose a Cardinal from Argentina to be the next Pope.  This is the same idiot that claims the US gave Chavez cancer.    What do ya bet this goofy asshat winds up as the next president and tries to become friends with North Korea’s leader (I use the word lightly) and maybe Dennis Rodman, too.

Hey, I have an idea, Kim Jung Un, Maduro, and Rodman can all take a vacation together.  They can have Brown’s Glickman go with them, too.  They can have their own butt sex class.

Then, there’s Bill Gates wishing we were more like the UK politically so that Oboma would have more power.  WHAT????  Seriously?  Giving a president more power, regardless of party affiliation, is a huge mistake. 

Look at how much power the Obamanists have now.  You think they don’t misuse it?  Look at Homeland Security’s recent purchases, look at the drone issue, what about the gun control stuff going on, too

Folks, the war for our freedom has already started.  Whether there will be bloodshed or not is now entirely up to the forces that be.  We can also have a velvet revolution, meaning no violence.  I’d prefer the 2nd choice obviously, but we’ll have to see how it all plays out.



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