Where’s the American Resolve?

Is it still there?  What happened to the secessionist movements across the country?  I’ll tell you what happened; the White House said no and the that was that.  Hell, I can’t even find the petitions on the White House’s We the People site any longer.Well, that’s all, folks.  Pack it up and go home.  Let allow the feds to keep diminishing out rights and persecuting people for nothing (in reference to that crappy anti-Muslim video) illegal or committing crimes so minor that anyone else, that didn’t cause so much controversy, would’ve received a slap on the wrist.

Everyday, you see someone one the news talking about various violations by the president and his administration.  Everyday, we hear about some new unconstitutional program started by the feds.  Now, they say it’s constitutional and so may the SCOTUS, but people are people and most people can be pressured into saying or doing just about anything.

Remember this, the people of Germany thought persecuting the Jews was legal, some thought it was morally right, and it wasn’t right OR legal.  Point is, if the people in authority tell you it’s legal then you tend to believe them.  That’s why people in the patriot community call you sheep or sheeple.

I don’t personally want to secede, but I don’t like the fact those who wanted it have disappeared along with the petitions.


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