Why, Mr. President? Why?

In the past we have had presidents that have done some stupid things.  The list can go on and on, but I’m not going back to 1860 here.  When I say stupid, I mean things that are politically stupid, not things like Clinton’s cigar incident.Although, the aftermath was stupid on his part.  What is the definition of “is?” You know, all that stuff.  Then there was Bush Jr’s port deal.  Do you remember that?  Foreign countries running our ports and he wanted to let the Saudis run it, if I remember correctly.

My big question on that one was, “why let a foreign country run our ports for us?”  I mean, the ports are the gateway to our security.  Even worse, why let a country with a bunch of people who don’t like us run the ports?  I thought that was an idiotic move.

Now, let’s move forward a bit.  We get Obama.  The list goes on and on; Fast and Furious, Obamacare, socialism, the birth certificate thing, and so on.  However, now we have more.  It has come to light that the current administration in giving the Muslim Brotherhood $250 million for whatever reason.  We can’t take care of our own problems and we’re giving that kind of money, actually any money at all, to a sworn enemy.  I find it odd that President Obama snubs the Israelis, an ally, for most of his term in office, then gives money to the very group that wants to see all Jews annihilated! 

Then he finally decides to go to Israel to show solidarity, but chooses to speak to universities rather than the Knesset.  I mean, if President Shimon Peres  came to speak in the US and he was invited to speak to our Congress.  We’d be pretty upset if he declined and spent the day talking to universities.  Add the insulting Congress Obama did, I think we’d be a bit irritated if Peres showed such a lack of respect for his lawmakers, as well.

It just goes to show how little Obama thinks of our legal and political system.  This is a guy that verbally attacked the supreme court at a speech because they didn’t agree with him.  This is a president who is quick to get involved with local politics and issues when he ahs no idea what happened or doesn’t know the whole story.  Examples of that are the police officer and college professor, all the racism accusations, and it ended with the “beer summit.”

This is a president hell-bent of making the US more like Europe.  Have you seen Europe lately?  They have been in economic problems for a while now and there is no sign that it’s getting better.  Why would he want to take us down a road with so many potholes?

I’ll tell you my thoughts on it.  More people than ever before are on welfare; Homeland Security buying tons of ammo and MRAPS, the gun control push, all the rhetoric against the constitutionalist and prepper movements.  See a trend?  Hmmmm?  It looks to me, and you’ve heard it from me before, that the federal government is working to make us all dependent on them for everything. 

Even Obamacare is going to force people onto welfare.  This is done by the ever-increasing premiums Obama and his buddies said wouldn’t happen.  However, the CBO says the premiums are going to skyrocket.  Can’t pay for your insurance and still feed your family?  Can’t pay your rent?  Get on welfare.  Uncle Sam will take care of you. 

Want to rebel against the system?  Homeland Security will take care of that part of it.  I figure they’re expecting an uprising sooner than later and they’re gearing up.  Are you?

So my question is; Why, Mr President, have you taken this bastion of hope called the United States into a 3rd world country with suffering citizens?


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