Looking in the mirror

Have you ever sat there examining your life wondering how to make it better, easier, or just plain different?  I know that sounds like the beginning of a sales pitch, but rest assured, I’m not going to sell you anything.

There are so many things in life that would be better if they were different.  For example, if we didn’t have to pay utilities or buy gas or argue with our spouse.  Maybe you feel you need to make more money, of live a different lifestyle.  Maybe you feel you have to reinvent yourself to make good things happen.

Well, before you do all that, think it through.  I know everyone wants more money, but would more money really make your life easier or would you just spend more money and wind up in the same place as before?  What if you drastically changed your lifestyle?  Would you still be you?  The same you that others know and love?

Looking in the mirror for any real period of time can reveal a lot about yourself.  I don’t mean while you’re doing your hair or makeup, or while shaving or something, but just really looking in the mirror at yourself.

Believe it or not, it can actually be pretty uncomfortable to have to look at and examine yourself.  If you’re honest with yourself while doing this, you can uncover a lot of stuff, both good and bad.

I know this may sound a little new-age, but follow me here.  Get yourself a piece of paper and write down categories to be discussed with yourself.  In those categories you’ll write what you uncover about yourself.

Categories like self-impression, career, faith, deeds, etc.  Yeah, yeah, I know you can do that without a mirror, but the mirror forces you to see yourself as others see you. 

The whole exercise also forces you, if you actually follow through, to come up with ways of changing the things you don’t like about yourself.

I did this exercise yesterday while I was alone for a bit.  I didn’t tell my wife about this exercise yet.  Mostly because I wanted to get my thoughts straight and be able to put it in a way that’s understandable. 

I’ll tell you part of what I found out.

I found out I’m a lucky man.  I have a wife that loves me and puts up with a lot of screw-ups on my part and only wants the best for me.  I have a child who thinks the world of me and gets excited when I come home from work. 

I realized I have some serious flaws, I already knew that, and I still need to get them worked out, already started that.  I found that I have a secure job with great benefits.  Although, the job may bore me to death, I still have a job that offers security and advancement, even if the advancement is slower than I’d like.

I also learned that when I’ve been in an argument or disagreement, in which I may have said something I regret, I don’t like to look at myself in the mirror. 

I love my family and want only what’s best for them.  Doing this exercise shows me a little of what I need to do and/or change to help do what’s best for them.  For me, it brings clarity and subjective thinking to an otherwise emotionally-tied subject.  It kind of takes away some of the bias you may have for or against yourself.

All in all, I found that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Making some changes can make it greener on the side you’re on already.

Give it a try.  See what you come up with.


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