robotsI was watching Robots with my 3 year-old son the other day and it occurred to me that there was a message there.  I’m not saying there was an intentional message, but rather a similarity to our current political goings-on and such.  You have your good guys, as seen in the picture to the left, your bad guys, and the mass of unsuspecting citizen robots that will ultimately fall victim to the evils of the globalist authoritarian corporate big-wig.The premise of the story, if you haven’t seen the movie, is that the company Bigweld Industries is taken over by sinister new management.  The founder, Mr. Bigweld, is ousted and replaced by Phineas Ratchet.  He was this plan to get rid of all outdated robots or force them to buy “upgrades” to make the company more  and more money.  The everyday-robots in the movie are oblivious to the evil happening from Bidweld Industries’ new leader.  The employees and executive staff are all aware of what’s going on, but are afraid to stand up to Ratchet.

So, how does this coincide with today’s political environment?  Do you see the similarities?  Well, we have this guy named Barack H. Obama.  Before that, we had a guy named George W. Bush, and William J. Clinton before that.  What do these three men all have in common, besides being president of the US?  They are all progressive in their political agenda.  Yes, even Bush was a progressive even though he’s a conservative.

Bush was a big spender, though not quite the big spender that Obama is, and expanded the federal government by leaps and bounds after 9/11.  Look at what’s become of some of his doings; Homeland Security appears to be turning against the American public with their massive arms build up; TSA treats people like cattle, poking and prodding, groping and molesting people at their discretion.  That’s just a small part of it, folks.

Under Obama, there are more people on welfare than ever before, Social Security disability applications are off the chart with people looking to get an entitlement they feel they “deserve,” and federal government has now began to leak dollars like a broken dam.  The main difference between Obama and Bush are the party affiliation and the overtness in which Obama wants to make the government more authoritarian.

Now, lets examine the American public in this case.  How many people have you spoken to that have no idea what’s going on?  I speak to people everyday and when I mention the Homeland Security weapons and ammo buying, they either know nothing about it or they tell me they’ve “heard something about it, but don’t really know what it’s about”.

That’s scary.  It’s scary to me that we live in a time when the general population is so blind to the realities of what’s happening in the world.  It’s scary to me that our general population is like the robots in the movie as they just go along with the authorities say and do.  I’ve spoken to friends that told me that if the government makes a law, unconstitutional even, they will follow it as it is the law.  WHAT??? What happened to telling the government  that they will not abuse us?  What happened to the people standing up for what’s true and right and good?  Why have so many people decided to take their freedoms for granted and become sheep?  Then they either just go along with the new rules or they complain to their friends and never leave their comfort zone and fight back.

If you haven’t seen Robots, rent it and watch it.  It’s a cute movie your kids will love, but look at the similarities to our current political climate.

I bet you thought this article was going to be about some conspiracy involving robots by the title didn’t you?  Anyway, think about this article for a bit and ask yourself, “will I stand and fight or will I be a robot?”



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