What is making the Church turn on us?

Crumbling CrossWhat’s making the church turn on us?  Now, I don’t mean Christianity itself, or even the majority of people in the Church.  By Church, I mean all Christian faiths, not just Catholic or Protestant.  Leaders in our Faith have joined the global gun-grabbers in their effort to disarm the American people.  Why?You would think that a group of people that follow a faith that promotes liberty and true freedom through Christ would understand that firearms are essential to keeping our faith and stopping others from violently forcing their beliefs on us.  For example, look at Communist China where Christians and other faiths are persecuted, tortured, and killed simply for their beliefs.  Just look at how they treat practitioners of Falun Gong.  Click the name to the left if you don’t know what the faith is.

What about Muslims in a town right after 9/11?  I bet they were scared to death that some over-zealous maniac would come into their work or home and take them out simply for their faith.  So again, why would the Vatican and the Southern Baptist Convention tell us they support stronger gun control policies.  Why don’t they get it?  How many criminals do you see following the law?  What makes them think that disarming us will disarm them, too?

I’d rather not have to face down a home intruder using a double barrel shotgun when the bad guy has a 15-round mag in his Glock; I’d rather not have to worry about taking on multiple aggressors with just 10 rounds when they may have 40 or more rounds between them; and I’d damn sure rather not have to worry about getting mags if there’s ever a SHTF situation and I’m having to defend my family while getting them to safer ground.

Now, I know the last part of that was far-fetched, but in today’s political climate, anything is possible.  I would also like to know why parts of the Church have decided this when DHS is buying up all that ammo and those MRAPS?  It would seem to me that the opposite would be the case, but for whatever reason it isn’t.

I will always cling to my faith and my guns.  I will always defend your right to do the same, if you so choose.  I hope you’ll do the same.


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