YouTube personality raided by ATF

There are some people out there who make very good videos for YouTube.  Some of them are funny, some give knowledge, others do both.  One of the good ones is Kyle Myers of Georgia with his YouTube character Dmitri Potapoff, a heavily accented Russian.

A little background on this guy is that before he started FPSRussia, he ran a channel named “klm5986”. Here he posted footage of himself playing first-person shooter video games, usually ones in the Call of Duty series under the name FPSKyle. At times his YouTube channel featured videos primarily from other YouTube personalities, namely xSocrates. He later wanted to show how guns worked in real life and to compare them to how they are portrayed in video games, movies and TV shows. He got the idea for a Russian accent while working at a car dealership. One of his co-workers was Russian and he took interest in impersonating his accent.

So he now puts up videos giving knowledge and reviews of various firearms and does it in a fun and humorous way.  Well, apparently, he caught the attention of the federal government for blowing stuff up and his home was raided by approximately 40 ATF agents, along with members of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  They were looking for illegal explosives and illegal weapons.  Guess what… They found nothing illegal.  Myers uses Tannerite to make targets explode.  It’s perfectly legal to have!

However, the ATF wanted to take Mr. Myers weapons!  Here’s my deal on this.  They found nothing illegal, why take his LEGAL firearms from him?

It looks more to me like the ATF may have used the Tannerite as an entry to look at the firearms in Myers possession.  Those guys are, for the most part, nothing but bullies.  They simply don’t like the fact that an American citizen has the firepower shown in the videos.  What they fail to understand is that Myers isn’t breaking any laws. 

So why do they come in and raid the property and threaten to confiscate his weapons?  I’d be curious to hear the ATF’s reasoning behind almost taking the firearms since Myers was doing anything illegal.  Or maybe they were just scared of a Georgia boy with guns.


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