Drones tested in Oklahoma that detect your guns!

No this is some scary stuff, right here.  This is stuff that if you were talking about it even just 5 years ago, you were labeled a conspiracy theorist or a nut job or a loon.  Go here and watch this news video from Oklahoma City’s local CBS affiliate.

Folks, this is totally screwed up.  I don’t want to hear any more of this “if you’re not doing anything wrong, then don’t worry about it” BS!  This is just another step toward tyranny.  We have to stop it somehow.  Sure they say it’s for law enforcement and first responders, but how long until it’s used to implement more gun control laws?  How long before they use this to see if you have ammo in your home, or precious metals as the economy tanks in an economic collapse?

People, the time is now!  We have to act!  Contact everyone you know and show them this video.  Before you know it, they’ll be using drones to take out American citizens without due process!  Oh wait, they’ve done that overseas already.  Next they’ll do it here in the good ol’ USA.  They’ve already got small drones with a mechanical claw that they say will eventually be strong enough to lift a person without dropping them.  They claim it’ll be used in rescues.  Maybe at first, but then it’ll be used to pick up dissidents and “enemies of the state.”

Molon Labe



3 Comments to “Drones tested in Oklahoma that detect your guns!”

  1. Holy crap!

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