Mayors Against Illegal Guns: A bunch of freaky nutjobs?

We all know who Mayors Against Illegal Guns is, right?  Well, you may think you do, but I doubt you know as much as you think.  The group is full of mayors from all over the country, mostly Democrats, that want to take your guns away, but they do it in the guise of only wanting illegal guns off the streets.  Well, here’s the deal.  If AR-15s are outlawed and you own one, you are a criminal.  You went from being a law-abiding citizen to being a criminal with just a signature.  It sucks, but that’s the gist of it.  Now, I know they say if you already own it, then you’ll be allowed to keep it in most cases, but places like New York will actually give you 90 days or a year or whatever time-frame they decide to turn in your mags that hold more than 7 or 10 rounds depending on how the law finally settles.  Then, when you can’t find seven-round magazines for your Glock 22, they New York legislature just made your firearm useless.  Otherwise, you have an illegal weapon in your possession and God only knows what will happen then.

So, lets get to know some of these mayors, shall we?  Notice, Oklahoma has NO mayors involved.  There are only 5 states that haven’t gone down the road of disarming the American public.

I’m going to do a little digging and see what kinds of backgrounds these people have.  I know that some of these mayors have committed crimes that BAR them from owning firearms.  According to WND,

Perv in Charge Mayor James Schiliro, of Marcus Hook, Pa.

Perv in Charge Mayor James Schiliro, of Marcus Hook, Pa.

Mayor James Schiliro, of Marcus Hook, Pa., now is facing a long list of charges for allegedly trying to force an underage boy to perform sex acts – and then firing one of three handguns he grabbed at a wall when the boy refused.

“Mayor Schiliro is one more example of why we started the ‘Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors’ campaign,” said Alan Gottlieb, the organization’s executive director.

“He joins recently convicted former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and recently indicted former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, both of whom were MAIG members.”

Mayor James Schiliro is no longer listed on MAIG’s website.  In fact, Marcus Hook, PA in no longer listed.  So, either he was removed from the site for the sake of their image OR he’s actually been dropped from the organization.

Schiliro has now been charged with false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment, serving alcohol to a minor and other crimes, and he also allegedly used more than one gun in this incident, in which at least one shot was fired.  What a freak!

Hey, let’s take people’s guns and use them to scare little boys who won’t participate in our deranged pedophilia-driven sex games!  Oh yeah, and let’s have our children sleeping upstairs while we do our thing!  Sounds like a great time! <– Yes, that’s all sarcasm if you haven’t guessed.

Needless to say, MAIG has a slew of mayors in their ranks that should, not only, NOT be civil servants, much less mayors, but shouldn’t even have access to firearms.  In some cases, they shouldn’t even be around children!

Then, you have these moronic switch-hitters like good ol’ Bloomy (I mean jumping party affiliation, not sexual preference) who was a Democrat prior to 2001, became a Republican in 2001 to run for mayor in the wake of the attacks on September 11.  Spent time fighting to repeal term limits and then ran again as an independent.  Even this self-serving, gun-grabbing, small business-killing old fart has had some sexual controversies himself.

Bloomberg has previously been accused of sexually harassing women under his employment, which he has denied.In 1997 a former Bloomberg L.P. employee filed a lawsuit accusing Bloomberg of having responded to her announcement to him that she was pregnant in 1995 by saying, “Kill it!” followed by “Great, No. 16”, which she cited a reference to the number of pregnant women in the company at the time. In January 2001, as Bloomberg “began to explore the possibility of entering the mayor’s race”, he cited a polygraph test administrated by the FBI’s former chief polygraph examiner.

In December 2008, Conde Nast Portfolio published a story called “Mayor Bloomberg’s Delicate Condition”, which reported that in September 2007 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a class-action lawsuit against Bloomberg’s company on behalf of three women who worked on the business side, plus a group of women who worked at Bloomberg’s company between 2002 and 2007. The article said the plaintiffs “now total 72, out of about 500 women who took maternity leave during that time”.In August 2011 Judge Loretta A. Preska of United States District Court in Manhattan dismissed the claims and wrote that the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had relied too much on anecdotes, and not on statistics, when it accused Bloomberg L.P. of discrimination. “ ‘J’accuse!’ is not enough in court,” Judge Preska wrote. “Evidence is required.” In a strongly worded ruling issued Wednesday, she said that “the law does not mandate ‘work-life balance,’ ” and that while Bloomberg L.P. “explicitly makes all-out dedication its expectation,” the company did not systematically violate the law because it did not treat women who took maternity leave differently from employees who took leaves for other reasons. — Wikipedia

You see the type of people trying to take our guns?  You see the type of scum with the idea of “do as I say, not as I do?”  I’m proud to be in a state that says no to idiotic unconstitutional liberal ideas like MAIG.  No, MAIG in itself isn’t unconstitutional, but their goals are.  These people have no consciences and probably no souls, especially the ones who committed crimes and tried to keep their positions.

For further info go to Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors. Good Stuff.

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