Progressives and Globalists, you think an over-reaching government is so great?

What happened to our founders’ vision of the United States and their limited government?  This over-reaching of federal powers is nothing new.  It seems to come in waves.  Even Abraham Lincoln did some unconstitutional things in his term.  Remember manifest destiny?  I know that wasn’t Lincoln’s deal, but it all ties in.

Let’s look at some of the transgressions from the US government over the lifetime of the nation.  I know this is going to sound like some kind of liberal dribble, but the truth isn’t liberal or conservative.  First, lets take a gander at the treatment of the American Indian by federal policies of the 18th and 19th centuries.  Let me start by saying I’m not going to blame Whitey for moving into Indian territories and living there.  However, federal policies and broken treaties over the decades showed federal authorities never really took their commitments to the indigenous people seriously.  Some within government may have, but they tended to be quickly replaced by someone who didn’t care about previous treaties and did as they wish.

A prime example is Colorado governor John Evans, in 1864, and Black Kettle, a Cheyenne who tried numerous times to make peace with the US government, issued a proclamation ordering all “Friendly Indians of the Plains” to report to military posts or be considered “hostile.” He sought and gained from the War Department authorization to establish the Third Colorado Cavalry. John Chivington led the unit, composed of “100-daysers,” whose limited term was specifically for fighting against the Cheyenne and Arapaho.

Black Kettle decided to accept Evans’ offer, and entered negotiations. On September 28, he concluded a peace settlement at Fort Weld outside Denver. The agreement assigned the Southern Cheyenne to the Sand Creek reservation and required them to report to Fort Lyon, formerly Fort Wise. Black Kettle believed the agreement would ensure the safety of his people. After he went to the reservation, the commanding officer at the fort was replaced by one who was an ally of Chivington.

So what did Chivington do after that?  He folded to pressure from Governor Evans to attack the Cheyenne reservation at Sandy Creek, killing … no, that’s not the right word… MASSACRING the people in the encampment like they were hogs.

Black Kettle escaped only to be pursued by Custer which ended in the demise of Custer (rightly so, in my opinion) and the murder… the cold blooded murder of Black Kettle and his wife.

The federal government and settlers claim they were targeted by the Indians, several tribes, and they had to fight back.  I can understand that, but when you encroach on a sovereign people’s land, taking and taking from them, what do you expect to happen?  And what right does the government have in putting people in reservations with crappy land and little or no real water source or wild life?

Another example is the internment of American citizens of Japanese decent.  Yeah, you may or may not know it, not that it’s a big secret, but thousands upon thousands of Americans because of their race.  Granted this was during WWII and we were at war with Japan, but why weren’t Americans of German or Italian decent locked up?  See my point?  Now, I’m sure someone is going to bring in black Americans and slavery, but this isn’t the same.  The slaves were brought here against their will as slaves.  There were not free Americans, then enslaved.  I’ll talk about that next.

One of the greatest smudges on American history is slavery.  Common to popular belief, we did not go to Africa, catch a bunch of people and bring them back.  Most of the slaves not born into slavery in the US were slaves in Africa.  Large number of them were captured in battle or kidnapped by other African tribes and then sold to European slave traders.  However, slavery is wrong on all counts no matter the color or nationality or reason.

After the War of Northern Agression (Civil War), the Union started up with reconstruction.  They dictated who the Southerners could have in office and who could and couldn’t vote.  They assassinated those who disagreed or fought back against their tyrannical policies.

Now, you think things have changed so greatly today?  We don’t have an over-reaching government now?  Look at the PATRIOT Act, ObamaCare, NDAA, Fast & Furious, etc.  The government of today pulls just as many stunts and commits just as many crimes as they ever have.  The only difference is the way they do it.  See a trend?  Oh yeah, all those crimes against other Americans, with the exception of slavery were committed, by-enlarge, by progressives and Unionists, and they had blood on their hands when it came to slavery, too.

What’s our next Civil War going to be over and when will it be?  Will it be a violent one or a velvet revolution?  The ball’s in their court.  While most of us prefer a peaceful resolution, I think the American people could go either way on the subject.

Molon Labe



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