Want to see an awesome kid?



I’m sure you’ve seen this story, but I wanted to share it anyway, just in case.  All-too-often, we see kids acting like fools.  Why not, they’re kids.  Kids do foolish things, it’s a part of growing up.  However, this kid, Jared Marcum, has his head on straight.  He’s standing up for his beliefs and Constitutional rights.  If you haven’t heard or read his story, do so below.  It’ll give you more faith in his generation.From The Blaze

Disciplined 8th-grader Jared Marcum returned to class on Monday after being suspended from school and arrested for refusing to change his NRA t-shirt at the request of one of his teachers. The shirt apparently pictured a firearm and the words “protect your rights.”

However, he apparently hasn’t learned his lesson — assuming that there was even any lesson to be learned. Fresh off his suspension, Marcum showed up to school on Monday wearing the exact same NRA shirt that sparked what many have labeled “t-shirt control.”

There were also other people wearing matching shirts in support of Marcum, WOWK-TV reports.

“There’s a lot of people wearing this same exact shirt, showing great, great support and I really appreciate it,” the student said Monday before going to school.

ared’s father, Allen Lardieri, says getting Jared back into school was his first priority.

We’ve completed the first leg of what we wanted to accomplish here,” Lardieri said.  ”Now, we’re working on the next step, which is trying to clear his name.”

Lardieri says that he was informed by Logan City Police on Thursday that his son was facing two charges, obstructing an officer and disrupting the education process. However, Jared’s attorney Ben White says that wasn’t the police department’s call to make.

“He was arrested, he was put into handcuffs, he was removed from the school and brought to the Ben White Police Department,” White said. “Charges aren’t officially filed or brought until the prosecuting attorney’s signs off on them and they don’t do that willy nilly.  They do that after a thorough investigation.”

That investigation is currently underway, according to authorities. Leading the investigation is juvenile prosecuting attorney Sabrina Deskins.

TheBlaze will monitor updates to this story.

Good for him!  I’m also excited to see how much support he’s received.  It amazes me that not only is our 2nd Amendment under assault, but so is out 1st.  I hope Jared Marcum and his family win this thing.  I’m sure this will get expensive.  Does anyone know of a legal fund in the area that I can check into?  If so pass it on to me here or at my email address in the contact me section and I’ll post it.


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