Is the split getting bigger?

Have you noticed that politics are becoming more and more divided?  Even though President Obama was touted about as a uniter, as someone who would be fair to everyone regardless of political party, race, gender, religion, sexual preference, etc.  Has that happened?

No, it hasn’t.  In fact, it has become worse.  Minorities, whether racial, religious, or any other minority, get special preference in, what seems like, just about every aspect of life.  Political correctness has gone awry even worse than just a few years ago.  Some examples are, the Boston bombing, the Gosnell trial, civil liberties for conservatives.

The Boston Marathon bombing was a tragedy, but did you notice how the leftist media came out immediately blaming the right?  They openly prayed it would have been a white conservative male associated with the Tea Party.  CAIR came out immediately after the bombing saying they hope it wasn’t a Muslim.  What happened to common human decency and worrying more about the people injured than politicizing an event such as this?  It’s total BS.

Then there’s the Gosnell trial, where this guy is accused of murdering new-born babies.  He calls it Post-term Abortion.  That sounds much more scientific, doesn’t it.  It’s still murder!  The problem with the trial is coverage.  This is a major deal, people, and the media wants to ignore it.  Why?  I think it’s because the liberal media supports abortion.  They support eugenics.  They also know the numbnut is a liberal and don’t want their whole eugenics movement to be derailed by a murder trial.

Then, what about civil rights for conservatives?  We get attacked, libeled, arrested, and much more just for standing up for our rights!  Look at Jared Marcum.  The 14 year-old 8th grader suspended for wearing a NRA t-shirt and arrested for standing up for his 1st Amendment right to support our 2nd Amendment right.

Then the kid wore the shirt again when he went back to school a couple of days later!  Hell yeah!  That’s a good kid right there.  But did you notice the liberal media simply made the story about him, not about the constitutional violations perpetrated by the teacher and the school?  Hmmm…

Had that been some kid wearing a t-shirt promoting homosexuality and abortion with a Obama logo on it, nothing would’ve happened.

So, why, when we are at a time when we need to be more united, are the media and White House being so divisive?  The GOP aren’t saints either, but they’re definitely not as bad.  For example, when Obama wants to do anything the right almost always filibusters.  While I believe Obama’s motives are generally driven by greed, so are many in the GOP. 

These people are just a few of the things that say to me that this country is becoming more and more politically split.  When was the last time we were this split?  The 60s.  However, the issues at hand today are different.  If we keep splitting, I’m afraid we’ll be at war with ourselves in the near future.  That’s something we should avoid at all cost, but without settling for losing our rights and losing our nation completely.


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