No one expects the… IRS Inquisition!

A lot of people think that there are way too many checks and balances in place and too many decent people within government for some sort of conspiracy to actually take place.  Well, that’s obviously not true.

Let me start out by saying that there are a lot of good and ethical people working in federal service.  I personally know a bunch of them.  I’m also sure that there are a lot of very nice and ethical people within the IRS.  However, there are those within every agency that are nothing more than dirt bags. 

My father worked for the IRS auditing businesses.  He absolutely hated it.  He got tired of all the bureaucratic BS going on.  He never told me of anything else, though.

This inquisition by the IRS into any group that appears to be conservative is scary.  Not just for conservatives, but it should bother liberals, as well.  It is extremely troubling that one of the most powerful federal agencies did this and was able to get away with it for so long.

My big question is who knew about this, how long did they know, and why was nothing done.  There still has been no public address made by President Obama, as far as I know, condemning this practice.  I seriously doubt there will be one. 

What other types of shenanigans are going on within some of these agencies hidden by the administration’s cronies?  We all know about Benghazi, and that ties into the IRS story a bit, but only because it was another cover-up done within the administration.

I have one word for what we are facing as a nation now.  Tyranny.  Even liberal media member Joe Scarborough of MSNBC ripped the federal government a new hole over the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups.

In addition to calling the admitted actions “mind-boggling,” the personality highlighted the assertion that “this government is using the Internal Revenue Service to target people with whom they disagree.” Others, like co-host Willie Geist, jumped in say that the collective actions constitute”tyranny.”

I mean, come on, IRS!  They are already one of the least trusted federal agencies out there.  I, for one, would like to see them done away with and replaced with a flat or fair tax.  The IRS is an over-grown child and I’d bet these actions were taken because so many conservative groups are for doing away with this monstrosity.  Now, the IRS is exacting its revenge.

Remember, if you speak up againt the IRS, you’ll find yourself in a heap of trouble.  You don’t want that, but sometimes we have to take on villians.  We don’t want to put up with the trouble and drama of doing so, but we have to.

According to the news conference with Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron, our president just learned of the attack on freedom through news reports.  WHAT? 

Assuming this is true, this president has to be the most inept person to ever, and I mean EVER, hold the presidency.  However, I have a feeling he’s full of it… again.

Are we going to stand for this?  I won’t and I hope you won’t either.  It’s total BS that in a country with a constitution like ours and a Bill of Rights as we have, that a federal agency can get away with such crap.

It’s like they’re saying submit or be punished.  They want conservative groups to stop their criticizing and questioning of the federal government.  What about Occupy Wall Street?  Were they given this treatment?  Hell no, they weren’t.  Why?  Because they’re liberals!  The IRS would never go after a group that wants to make government bigger and more intrusive. 

The IRS is nothing but a bunch of bullying turds, in my opinion.  What’s yours?



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