More pilfering by the feds?

The other day, I wrote about the NSA’s new toy, the Utah Data Center and the threat it poses to our privacy as American citizens.  I don’t know if you remember, but Google had a problem with the FBI asking them for consumers’ private information, as well.  Google took the government to court over the issue citing that these were warrantless searches and, therefore, unconstitutional and won. Well, a U.S. judge has ordered Google to comply with FBI secret demands for customer data, despite earlier ruling the warrantless orders unconstitutional.

Now, let me explain to you how screwed up this is.  The only reason I’m going this way in the article is because the other day at work, while discussing the Utah Data Center, a couple of my co-workers used the “logic” that it shouldn’t matter to me as long as I’m not breaking the law.

That’s BS.  Regardless of whether I’m breaking the law or not, the federal government should not have the right to spy on me.  I don’t care if it’s the NSA collecting everything I write or the FBI looking at my Google searches.  Why do I care so much?  These warrantless and illegal searches give the federal government the ability to look for political dissidents, gives them the ability to see people’s resources in the event of a major catastrophe, and is just plain creepy.

Lets say you have some kind of embarrassing condition.  You’re afraid to tell your friends, hesitant to see a doctor, and you just want to do some research on it first before taking any action.  Now, lets say the NSA has all the search info you’ve done, maybe some texts to your best friend in which you confided your worry, Hell, lets throw in some emails requesting information on your funky issue.  Well, with the introduction of ObamaCare, you’ll be covered by insurance, but now your premium has just gone up.  You call the ObamaCare office to find out why and they tell you they know you’ve got this ailment.

Another scenario; The NSA and the FBI are looking for possible terror threats within the US.  Your child is working on a science project and want to build some sort of rocket.  They spend time online searching for different ways of propulsion.  Suddenly, you’ve got federal agents on your doorstep asking why someone in your household was looking into rockets and combustibles.  Granted, they’ll likely eventually leave and nothing will come of it, but why put your family, especially your child, through that kind of drama.

Or the person who wants to have a vegetable garden, but they don’t have space outside to do it so they build a hydo- or aqua- ponic garden in their garage.  The Google searches lead drug agents to their home, traumatizing a family, over tomatoes and lettuce.  Why?

They want you to give up your rights for a more security?  Take away your rights and you’ll have no security.  There is no reason to have Big Brother or his ugly sisters watching your every move.  It’s freakin’ 1984, folks, or Atlas Shrugged.

Get a clue!  Just because you’re NOT breaking the law, doesn’t mean it’s ok for the government to spy on you.

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