Proxy War?

I’ve saying for a while now that we are in a proxy war with Russia and Iran.  There has been evidence… very strong evidence… that both nations are supporting Assad in his brutal assault on the people of Syria.  Now top rebel commanders are asking the US for support.“We are having a difficult time, and we can’t wait much longer, the people of Syria, (rebel) fighters can’t loose to Hezbollah and this blood thirsty regime,” Idriss said in an exclusive interview. “If something doesn’t change (the civil war) may continue for years. There will be a total destruction of Syria and it won’t be the interest of the international community, the surrounding countries will be dragged into this war.”

Dragged into this war.  While our government ponders giving the rebels support, Russia and Iran are already massaging Assad and his regime.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not necessarily advocating that we go to war in Syria.  How many times have we helped out some Middle Eastern country and then had the very people we supported turn and kill Americans?  It’s a simple answer, folks; too many times.

I’m also not going to say that we shouldn’t play a role.  The reason is that if we don’t and Assad will keep butchering his people, Russia and Iran will be bolstered seeing the US as weak, and we’ll likely see new terrorists come from Syria to attack US interests.

Yes, I know that there are already terrorists in Syria.  There were terrorists in Lybia, too.  Egypt had a bunch, as well.  So what’s the answer?  I have no idea.

What I do know is that we cannot win either way.  Bolstering Russia and Iran will only prove disastrous for us when it comes to talks with North Korea.  That crazy little turd running that country will think he can attack South Korea or Japan and that we’ll be powerless to stop him.

Iran will act like they’re in charge of the entire region making life more difficult for us when it comes to oil exports, they’ll attack Israel with the help of Hamas.  That’ll bring us into more conflict.  Russia will back Iran as an ally, seeing how they’re such business partners when it comes to oil and military hardware.

However, this whole thing isn’t about oil.  It’s more about liberty of the oppressed and ethnic cleansing of those in power.  Then the oil and trade agreements come into play.

Regardless of your view of the oil industry, we need it.  As much as I’d like to have a truck that ran on sunshine, rainbows, and happy thoughts, it just isn’t feasible.  Besides, I doubt a truck like that would have any real power. Nancy truck.  kidding.

I know people of who hate the oil companies and they protest big oil when they get the chance.  They go around with all their hippie liberal BS bumper stickers preaching to everyone that oil is evil.  Then they get angry when you point out the bumper stickers are stuck on their care or truck that uses… gasoline, which comes from… oil.

So, should we protect the people of Syria, thus protecting our national interests or should we stay out and go to war later on once Iran and Russia are more powerful and cocky?

Then there’s another problem.  Countries around the globe, including the US, are being asked to take in refugees from the Syrian civil war.  Now, I don’t know the number of people we would allow to come in, but here are some things to consider.

First off, not all the refugees are saints.  You’ll have everyone from a widow and her children, to the terrorist seeing an easy way into the US.  There will be criminals looking for an escape, as well as, the normal decent guy who just wants a better life.

Second, what kind of strain will this put on our social services and economy.  Keeping in mind that our economy is already screwed up.  Do you really want to bring a bunch of people in and subsidize their lives for however long they choose?

Sure many will come here, get work visas, and build a life for themselves; but there will be many who won’t.  There will be many who feel entitled to all the freebies they can get their hands on.

So, again what’s the answer?  Either way, I believe we’ll eventually be dragged into a war with Assad’s allies Russia and Iran, if not Assad himself.  I believe bringing the refugees here to the US would finish off out economy.  I believe it’s time for President Obama to think real hard before making a decision; none of this feel-good-lets-be-helpers-of-the-world mentality, rather a real deep look into what’s best for the US and her people.


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