Hey, Chubs, you’re not just fat, you’ve got a disease!

You read right.  Obesity has now been deemed a disease by the American Medical Association.   Experts in obesity have struggled for years to have obesity recognized as a disease that deserves medical attention and insurance coverage as do other diseases. Previously the AMA and others have referred to obesity as “a major public health problem.”

Well, here’s my problem with this new “disease.”  The report claims that obesity causes the brain to not recognize when the stomach is full or when the intestines are too.. or something like that.  The AMA just basically made being fat an illness and not a personal responsibility.

Let’s say the report is correct in its assertion that obesity cuts off a person’s natural ability to tell when they’re full; it doesn’t make them blind and it doesn’t keep them from reading.  That said, personal responsibility dictates that the person who is obese should be able to look at their plate and see how much food is on it.  They should also be able to read the caloric intake and amounts of fat and trans fats.  The person still has the ability to, theoretically, make a conscious decision to eat properly.

Also, with the onset of Obamacare and the financial losses doctors are taking in the process, making obesity a disease will allow for higher payments from insurance providers.  That, to me, is the biggest reason for the AMA to make the claim that obesity is a disease.  It’s all about the money.  Besides, AMA membership has dropped in recent years over a slew of policy and political statements.  Making this statement and making the case that doctors should be paid more is a way of increasing their membership.

Bottom line, folks.  It’s not about your health.  It’s about money.  It’s also about power.  The Obama’s have been, especially Michelle, have been advocating personal health.  That’s all well and good, but don’t make policy that dictates how a person lives their life.

Then there’s the issue of insurance premiums, especially group policies.  Since the burden is spread out among everyone on a group policy, you can expect to see your premium go up more than usual with this claim.  Even though the AMA has no legal authority, they still have clout in the medical industry.

What do you bet a new White House scandal comes out from this?  Maybe some back scratching allegations or something.

If you’re obese and reading this and you disagree with my thoughts, let me know.  I never said losing the weight was easy, but it is the person’s responsibility to watch what they eat and not blame it on some medical issue… unless the obesity is a symptom of another medical issue.

2 Comments to “Hey, Chubs, you’re not just fat, you’ve got a disease!”

  1. Nice article…Obamacare really have huge impact, doctors and insurance program are affected.

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