Goodbye to a great friend and part of my family

Today started out just like any other Tuesday.  I got up, got dressed for work, fed the dogs, and off I go with my 3 year old son.  After work, I got home and was about to go fishing.  I love fishing.  I went outside to feed my 2 Great Pyrenees dogs.  As usual, they were lying in the garage floor.  I called out to my male, Polaris, and as usual he didn’t respond.  A gentle kick in the butt usually gets his attention, but not this time. This time he just laid there.  I went to nudge him again and saw that he wasn’t breathing.  My poor boy was gone.  This is killing me sitting here writing this.  I had to go into the house and tell my wife that our sweet 8 year old dog was lying dead in the garage floor.

That was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.  He meant so much to us.  Just this morning he greeted me just as he always did.  He walks over, wagging his tail, and wants to be petted.  Every day, it’s the same thing.  That’s all gone.  Now I have the memories and that’s all.  No more wagging tail, no more putting his paw up on my leg, no more resting his huge head on my lap, and no more vibrating head when I gave him a piece of beef.

Oh, you should have seen it.  He’d start smacking his lips, chattering his teeth, and the top of his head would vibrate out of excitement of a piece of beef.

Our boy is gone.  My wife and I are grieving, having to explain to our 3 year old son that Polaris has gone to heaven.

A lot of tears have been shed today and I’m sure there are more to come.

Polaris, you will be missed and your loving spirit will be forever cherished.

We love you.


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