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30 July, 2013

Big Brother Knows Best

Big Bully is at it again.  See this story wriiten by Maxim Lott at Fox News.


March 4, 2013: The White House is seen through a chain-link fence in Washington.AP

The federal government is hiring what it calls a “Behavioral Insights Team” that will look for ways to subtly influence people’s behavior, according to a document describing the program obtained by Critics warn there could be unintended consequences to such policies, while supporters say the team could make government and society more efficient. 

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30 July, 2013

Look at what may come our way

So, for all you who love, or at least approve of, ObamaCare need to read this story.  Basically, an immigrant to New Zealand gets too fat so the government there wants to deport him so he doesn’t become a liability to their GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

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25 July, 2013

Untrusting of the NSA’s domestic spy program?

Then here’s a new little treat for you!  The House voted to keep the NSA’s unconstitutional domestic abuse of power program.  Keep in mind this was not a party line vote.  It was a close vote and party affiliation didn’t seem to matter.  If you scroll down to the bottom section of this article, you’ll see who the traitors are.  They’re the ones in the “No” category, voting to keep the NSA as is.

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16 July, 2013

I knew they would come for me…

It was only a matter of time before they came after me.  The fact that I’m unapologetic in my political views and the unwaivering in my beliefs makes me an outspoken target for the sheeple on the left to go after.

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15 July, 2013

Let the games begin!

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard that George Zimmerman was acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin.  I’m also sure that you’ve heard about the riots that started in Oakland, California.  There were more peaceful protests in other major cities of the US, as well.  Well, here’s the thing, and I’m likely to piss a few of you off, but look at it this way. 

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12 July, 2013

A little Humor for your Friday


11 July, 2013

Not sure of the existence of God?

Doubt the existence of God?  Read this story posted on Fox News.  There is no way this could be a coincidence.  For you stats folks out there, the chances of this happening are less likely than hitting the Powerball… multiple times.

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10 July, 2013

See Something, Say Something

Have you seen the posters that tell you to report any suspicious activity to authorities?  They have the motto, “see something, say something.”  It’s the same tactics employed by Nazi Germany and most, if not all, communist countries.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if some idiot is about to blow up a building, kill a bunch of people, or do some other attack that’s harmful, I want the authorities to know about it so they can stop it before it happens. 

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10 July, 2013

WTF is up with cops lately???

This is the story straight from Fox News.  I think that if I were the family here, I’d do the same thing.  This is total BS.  What the hell is going on in our country?  The cops can just bust in your door so they can watch the neighbors?  Screw you!

Oh, yeah.  I threw in my thoughts on the subject, too.

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9 July, 2013

Don’t Search Me, Bro!

Now everyone knows I love a good abuse-of-power-by-the-police story.  Well, here’s a good one for you.  So, there’s this kid, well a 21 year-old young man, who pulls up to a DUI checkpoint on Independence Day in Rutherford County, Tennessee, where he is subsequently harassed by local police.

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7 July, 2013

Molon Labe- An Independence Day Weekend Message

Molon LabeIf you don’t know what this means, Google it. It’s pronounced and spelled Molon Labe in our letters.

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3 July, 2013

Europe Spied On

3 July, 2013

DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now.”

Many of my articles are not mine, as you well know.  I give you stories and articles that you may not otherwise see.  The following is just one of such articles.  For a while now, I, and others like me, have been spreading the word that there may be political, economic, and social danger ahead.  I think you should read the article in its entirety. 

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2 July, 2013

Holy Russian-Troops-On-US-Soil, Batman!

I just peed my pants a little, folks.  This is a screwed up deal; COMPLETELY screwed up.  So much so that even groups like ALIPAC and Free Republic are upset.

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