Look at what may come our way

So, for all you who love, or at least approve of, ObamaCare need to read this story.  Basically, an immigrant to New Zealand gets too fat so the government there wants to deport him so he doesn’t become a liability to their GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. Here is the FoxNews report.

A 50-year-old South African man may be kicked out of New Zealand for being obese.

New Zealand immigration officials say Albert Buitenhuis—who is 5-foot, 8-inches and weighs about 286 pounds — was rejected because his obesity puts him at “significant risk” for health problems, including hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea, and diabetes, according to a Sky News report.

Buitenhuis has a recorded body mass index of 40, which makes him medically obese.

The concern is that Buitenhuis might tax the country’s healthcare system and rack up large taxpayer bills for care. The officials say he no longer has an “acceptable standard of health.”

“It is important that all migrants have an acceptable standard of health to minimize costs and demands on New Zealand’s health services,” said the spokesman.

Buitenhuis says he agrees with the policy but believes he should be permitted to stay in the country. He told New Zealand’s 3 News that migrants should not over burden the system, but said that the policy was not mentioned to him when he first arrived in the country.

The chef and his wife, Marthie Buitenhuis, moved from South Africa six years ago, when he weighed 66 pounds more than he does now. The two worked as a chef and waitress at a restaurant in Christchurch. Their boss, Don Whyte, told 3 News they had been “great employees.”

The couple have had their visas renewed several times, but ran into the roadblock when officials considered their application for permanent residency.

“Six years down the line, it’s not fair to me,” Buitenhuis told New Zealand television. “We sold everything to come here. It wasn’t just done willy-nilly.”

Marthie Buitenhuis says her husband has committed no crime except “being a foodie”, and that his weight hasn’t stopped him from working more than 40 hours a week.

Since moving to New Zealand, Buitenhuis says he hasn’t had any expensive medical care but admits he will eventually need a knee operation.

Both he and his wife are unable to work without visas and are receiving help from family and friends while they appeal to immigration officials. A decision will be made in the case in two weeks.

So, here we have it.  The guy is a lard-ass and the government wants to kick him out.  Now, I’m all for personal responsibility, but if you’re going to give healthcare to everyone, you better have it in the law that if someone’s BMI is too high, then they’re out.

Think that won’t happen here?  ObamaCare is already unsustainable as far as the cost is concerned and the US is one of the fattest countries in the world.  What steps will the US government take to cut costs?  “Hey, fatty, you’re cut off if you don’t lose 100 pounds in 6 months.”

Now, I’m not saying that they have to be covered, but to my knowledge, there is nothing in our new “wonderful” healthcare law that says medically obese people will be excluded.  Within a few years, that issue will have to be dealt with inside the US.

See what you liberals got us into?  Obama is, in my humble opinion, the worst president in our history.  That SOB has done nothing but ruin our country, along with his asshat buddies in DC.  The Republicans haven’t done much better.  Retards like McCain think that reaching across the aisle is better than standing your ground.  So whether it’s a RINO or a progressive Dem doing the work, we are financially screwed.

You know what time it is?  It’s time to tell Uncle Sam they’ve crossed the line.  It’s time to tell Congress and Obama they’ve gone too far and we will not take it anymore.  It’s time to draw that line in the sand and dare them to cross it.

Folks, it’s time to stand and march.  Carry your signs, block traffic, make life a living political hell for those who wish to screw us over.  Get out there and misbehave.  If you value your Constitution, misbehave.  Make it known that you are not going to take it any longer.

I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative, you’re getting screwed just the same.  It’s time we patched up our differences and stood together for one common goal; liberty.


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