Affirmative action in your neighborhood?

We’ve seen affirmative action in the workplace and the universities.  Well, if HUD has its way, it’ll come to your neighborhoods, too.  In fact, it’ll dictate how financing for homes is done.

While I agree that people should be judged on their character and not their color or where they come from, affirmative action is anything but affirmative. 

Let’s look at two sides of this racist policy.  First, a white family wants to buy a home in a particular neighborhood.  They found the home they love in a school disctrict they want their children in.  They go and get approved for a loan, but wait!  There aren’t enough minorities in the neighborhood.  “Sorry, Mr and Mrs Smith, you’ll have to move somewhere else.”

Then lets look at this from a minoritiy’s standpoint.  The family finds a home in a really nice neighborhood with great schools.  They get approved for the mortgage, but are told they can’t have the house, because the quota for their race was met already.

This type of program was tried in the 50s and 60s and failed miserably and was tried again in the 1990s.  That’s when the housing buble got it’s early start, remember?  Low or no down payment, extremely lax qualification rules, all that.  Everyone should own a home, they said.  Then what happened?

The bubble popped and foreclosures skyrocketed.  Now, the very same people who promoted this are looking to make huge changes in the financing side of the deal.  They want Freddie and Fannie gone.  That puts more pressure on the banks to finance and create a more diversified living experience, so to speak.

Well, now they can’t finance every house for every prospective homeowner, even if they are a top qualifier.  The worse part is, that it’s all based on your race.  Troublesome, isn’t it?


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