What happens when political correctness goes too far

We’ve all heard all the political correctness crap out there.  You can say this, you can’t do that because someone will be offended.  Political correctness has changed so much in this country that you almost never know what to say without risking too much.  It’s sad.  It’s sad that a liberal agenda has pushed society in a direction that limits your speech and actions out of fear that you may offend someone. 

Their intentions, while may be good, are flawed in the sense that they seem to think you can get through life without being offended or that you should, at least, be able to live your life and never get angry or have your feelings hurt.  Well, that’s just messed up.  Why is it important to get rid of political correctness?  I’m glad you asked; here’s the answer.

Being offended from time to time, or having your feelings hurt, sucks.  I know it does, but it builds character.  If you’re so sheltered from the real world through political correctness, how are you  going to handle when someone comes at you with some un-PC language that you find offensive?  How will you handle it?  Probably not as well as you would if you’d dealt with the issues earlier in life.

Now that doesn’t mean that I think people should go around insulting children to get them use to dealing with jerks in their adult life.  I’m just saying lose the political correctness and tech children that life isn’t fair; that it’s not full of lollipops and puppies; and that some things are not ok to do or be just because they want it.

For example, political correctness says it’s good to do what ever you like, within reason, and that you should be celebrated for it.  They try to make everyone feel good about who ir what they are.  They want you to feeeeeeel good.  Well, I have news for you PCers.  Not everything or everyone should be celebrated.  Some jackass who wants to go through a sex change operation and make tax payers pay for it should not be celebrated.  The moron should be told to pay for the operation him/herself.  The family who sues the school of their 6 year-old transsexual son to force them to allow the kid to use the girls’ restroom while he still has a penis should not be celebrated.  Their selfishness means now little girls (actual girls) will be subjected to seeing a little pecker.  THEY SHOULDN’T BE FORCED TO LOOK AT ANY PECKERS just to make one kid feel better.  It’s stupid.

Wanna see political correctness gone awry?  Watch daytime trash TV like Jerry Springer.  Is he on the air still?

Anyway, what impact does political correctness have on our society?  It makes people weak.  It makes people unable to handle criticism.  It definitely makes it difficult for people to handle things like, oh let’s see… how should I put this… the real world!  If you can’t handle people thinking you’re a little wierd because you like to dress up as your favorite comic book hero and you’re in your 40s, then maybe you should pick a new hobby.  Either that ot accept the fact that people are going to think you’re weird and there’s nothing you can do about it.  There is no need to celebrate you and your weird hobby.  People should not be forced to accept you as that.  They either will or they won’t.


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