When will DC pull its head out?

Do you remember Obama, while making his first run for the presidency in 2008, talking about how lobbyists were evil and he wanted nothing to do with them?  He went on to attack John McCain for his connections to lobbyists.

Then during Obama’s first term, you’d get the occasional story of a lobbyist making his way into the White House for a meeting.  Now, the president has lobbyists all over the place working with him and for him.  He even brought in a new lobbyist to help him slap another tax on your cell phone bill.  It’s a tax that is supposed to pay for wifi in public school classrooms.

First off, when I was a kid, electronics were not allowed in the classroom.  Yeah, they can be great tools for teaching, but how many of you as adults sit in at work checking the news or sports scores while you’re in a meeting?  I’m guilty of that.

Secondly, here comes Big Brother telling you that you have to support another one of Obama’s brilliant ideas.  Yes, “brilliant” was sarcasm.

Now, before you think, “here he goes again attacking Obama,” I have a few things to say about McCain, too.  His actions as a Republican have been nothing but pitiful.  This old guard senator just wants to keep his job, and it appears the people are tired of him.

The old fart is relying on his status as a war hero and using it as an excuse to do stupid things and to agree to moronic policies.  He’s not the MAVERICK he claims to be.  That’s just so that he looks like he’s not a part of the Washington elite.  He is.  He is a part of the DC elite.  This guy is no better and no worse than the guy in office now.

If you want to see real change in DC, you need to get off your asses and get people in there who actually care about the Constitution and not about lining their pockets and catering to lobbyists.  Someone like Rand Paul, maybe.  Someone who likes to see everyone, regardless of political persuasion, enjoy the freedom that Americans once had.  Someone who belives in a limited government and understands that by slashing government spending can help us get out of the trouble we’re in. 

So, my initial question was “whenwill DC pull its head out?”  However, upon reflection, the real question is “when will we pull our heads out and stop voting in these self-centered turds who do not represent us, but only their own selfish agenda?”


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