When your hometown goes wrong

I grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma called Duncan.  You may have seen the news recently about a murder there.  Australian exchange student Chris Lane was jogging Friday and was gunned down by 3 punk kids.  The suspects later confessed to the killing and claimed they wanted to know how it felt and that they were bored.  It is also reported that they admitted they were on the way to kill another teen.  Kudos to the Duncan Police Department for stopping them before anyone else got killed.  However, there’s still something troubling me about this story.  No conspiracy, no cloak and dagger, just troubling.

You see, I grew up in Duncan.  I remember it as a small town with more traditional values.  I’m not saying it was a Thomas Kinkade painting, but it was relatively safe.  It was a town that was good for families; a good place to raise your children.

Crazy acts like these 3 teens perpetrated just didn’t happen.  That was something for big cities; other places, not Duncan. 

Now, Duncan has grown quite a bit over the last several years.  The last time I was there was in 2008.  I went there to bury my grandfather and I was amazed at how much bigger the town had become.  However, it is still a small town compared to Lawton, 45 minutes to the west.

There have been murders in Duncan before, I remember a couple of police involved shootings, as well.  However, in the past there was a motive.  A clear motive that made sense.  Whether that motive and the killing itself was right or wrong is a different story, but it made sense.  This time, the kids were just bored.

How badly do you have to be screwed up in the head to go on a killing spree out of boredom?  I mean, where were the parents?  I’m not blaming them for the suspects’ actions.  They know right from wrong, but where were the parents? 

What happens to a small town when something like this happens?  Do the resident start locking their doors (figuratively speaking)?  Do they start looking at people with suspicion and distrust?  How do they cope that three of their youth committed such horrible crimes against an innocent person?

Now the suspects’ parent are defending their children saying there was no way they were involved.  I can understand that.  No parent wants to believe their kiddos could be that type of person.  But, let’s face the fact, people, the kids admitted to the murder.

Now the town of Duncan is dealing bomb threats at the local high school, national media all over the place and, according to a friend there, the town is going crazy, so to speak.

Next question, why is Obama not outwaged.  Why aren’t the civil rights people not saying something and condemning that a couple of black teens and one who, in his mug shot, looks to be either white or mixed shot and killed an innocent white student.

Oh yeah, by the way, Misters Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson, where are you on this one?  The very fact that you care only about the life and death of some thug kid who was black shows YOU are thruly racist and playing that famous race card of yours no longer has any validity.

It really angers me to see how you “leaders” react when a punk who’s been in trouble is killed when he assaults someone who isn’t black, but youdon’t stand up for a truly innocent guy.  You disgust me.  That goes for you too, Oprah.

Now, back to the subject at hand.  Duncan.  How should the people of Duncan react to such insanity.  Keep in mind that Duncan is a town of only about 24,000 people.  Most of the town is made up of good, God fearing people.  People who take pride in their community; people who go to high school football games, ice cream socials, church, and such.

Well, at least it was.  As I said before, it’s been since 2008 that I was there last, but home is home and I will always consider Duncan home.


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