Are we up shit creek?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the deal with Syria, and I hope you’re following the story.  Well, if you have been following the story, you’ll see where I’m going with this and why this scares me.

Gas it up!

The Obama Administration, through John Kerry (Lurch, for those of you old enough) claims they have proof the Assad regime used sarin gas against his own population.  Well, before you believe the news media and the White House, think of this: Why would the president of Syria gas his own people when he is winning the war AND public opinion is beginning to go his way.  Especially when the rebels are not a cohesive force and are a mixture of angry citizens and terrorist organizations like al Qaeda?  It doesn’t make sense tactically.  What makes more sense is that al Qaeda would fire sarin loaded morters into a civilian population and blame it on the government to further their own side of the war.  It wouldn’t be the first time they killed the innocent and blamed a government in order to garner support.  On top of that, there is video proof of the attack coming from al Qaeda and only words and supposed intercepted phone calls from the Assad regime to prove the White House’s claim.

May the Force be with you.

Ok, so the Obama Administration says that if they strike against Syria it’ll only take a matter of hours, rather than days, to complete the mission.  If that’s the case, why are there so many military assets just off the shores of Syria?  Genrerally, an air strike that will take a matter of hours to complete consists of much less assets than what is on site right now.  I saw on the news last night that there are several US Navy ships, fighter planes, and bombers involved.  They also listed the UK, France, and Germany as having involvement in this possible strike. 

Now the US government is talking about multi-day air strikes rather than just a few hours.  Stories change as well as the allegations in the potential conflict that I see as deeper dookie than we’re being told by the most “transparent administration” in US history.

East and West

When this war in Syria first started, the US said they would stay out of it unless chemical/biological weapons were used.  Then there were rumors that chemical weapons were used, but the administration did nothing.  I guess there wasn’t enough evidence.  I have a feeling the US government told the rebels to try again and to get real evidence they can use. 

Then, a second gas attack happens and the US says it’s time to get involved.  At first, Russia and China told the US they weren’t getting involved and that we shouldn’t either.  Then, the US began talking about missle strikes against the Assad regime and Russia spoke up again telling the US to mind its own business.

Now the US has all these military assets in theaterready to go.  In my opinion, its more force than what their claimed intentions state, but the Russians say that if we strike on Syria, they’ll strike on Saudi Arabia and Iran will strike on Israel.  The Chinese hold so much US debt that if they follow through with their threats, the US economy will collapse.  How can we sustain a war with no money?  We can’t.

No, what started out as a civil war in a country that has no strategic importance to the US has turned into the possibility of World War 3.

Now, do you see my concern? 

If this is the case and the West winds up in a war with the East, we’ve got a huge problem.  We have our military spread all over the world, we’re broke, and we’re getting involved in a region that never turns out well for us.  Hell, war in the Middle East never turns out well for any outsider. 


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