Did the president just make us the bad guys?

As I mentioned in yesterday’s posting, the rebels in Syria are largely made up of al Qaeda terrorists.  If President Obama goes ahead with his plan to strike Syria, he has made us the bad guys.  How, you ask?  It’s simple.  He will have taken sides with the al Qaeda-linked rebels.  Simple as that.

But, let me play devil’s advocate for a moment.  Do the people of Syria deserve to be gassed to death?  Absolutely not.  Do they deserve to live their lives in peace? I believe so.  Do we have a humanitarian obligation to take out the bad guys in this scenario?  Maybe. 

However, which option has more consequences, not just to us, but to the people of Syria and even the rest of the world?  Does a strike against the Syrian government for their alleged sarin gas attack on the civilian population help or hurt more?  What will be the aftermath of such a strike?  Will such strike make us the aggressor in another world war?

Those are the types of questions we have to ask.  The reason I say that we would be the aggressors is that Syria isn’t attacking any other nations.  Germany invaded Poland to kick off WWII.  Their treatment and persecution of the Jews domestically was never really enough of an issue to make the rest of the world want to pick a fight.  While it’s sad, it’s true. 

I, personally, do not believe we need to be involved in Syria.  We don’t have to stand up to every bully and I contend that there is no happy ending to this case. 

If we strike in a non-retalitory fashion, we will be the aggressors and history will show that we kicked off a world war that could have easily been avoided.

I feel for the innocents in Syria, and yes, there are lots of them.  There are lots of stories that will never reach a happy ending.  There are a lot of people who will never fulfill their dreams.  However, as sad as this conflict is, we cannot put ourselves in their internal struggles.


4 Comments to “Did the president just make us the bad guys?”

  1. Woah! Not right. “No other nation”?
    The UK government in the form of Hague and Cameron are up for it.
    Heck these two live for butting in to someone else’s business.
    I’m anti it. It’s not our war, it’s civil war.
    That and too many of our combined armed forces have been torn up in recent years because of some limp ars’d politician’s whim.

    • I stand corrected. I updated the article.

      • You can happily return your article to NO ONE else wants to bomb Syria now.
        I was well pleased that the UK parliament gave the PM Cameron and his evil henchman Hague a good kicking last night thus defeating their war mongering.
        So I’m afraid it will be your president making you the bad guys for now (unless they can doctor the UN report in time for the weekend to read what they want it to say).

      • Well, I’ll tell you I was more than happy to see that the UK voted no. Dale Gavlak, of the Associated Press, is reporting that he was told by the rebels that the chemical weapons came from the Saudis and were intended for al Qaeda to use, but went off accidentally. His report says the rebels claim they had no training in handling such weapons and several of them didn’t even know what they were carrying. Even with this news, it looks like Obama wants to strike tomorrow. We’ll see if that’s the case tomorrow, I guess.

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