POSUS going after your guns again

No, that is not a misspelling.  I meant it as POS of the US.  While the world is watching the US screw with the Syrian civial war and Congress is caught up in their own circus, President Obama announced his new Executive Order banning military surplus weapons.

Like a moron, this asshat still believes that by punishing and screwing with law abiding gun owners, he will somehow magically curtail violent crime.

The National Rifle Association, though, ripped the administration, saying its proposals would do little to reduce crime. 

“The Obama administration has once again completely missed the mark when it comes to stopping violent crime,” the NRA said in a statement. 

All I have to say is that the president is a moron.  He is an asshat.  He is a ridiculous clown and a poor excuse of a president.

The whole gun control thing is more than retarded.  Do you ban cake for making people fat?  What about cars for hit-and-runs?  Oh, oh, oh, I know, lets ban household appliances!  You know how many people get hurt with those each year?

What’s more is that the president did this at a time when most of the country is distracted.  What a damn coward.

Well, for all you gunnies out there, ya better start buying.  Those things will be worth gold.


3 Comments to “POSUS going after your guns again”

  1. Pure slight of hand, get everyone looking the other way and quietly slip through a controversial piece of legislation. Something he must have picked up from the UK government who are past masters at sneaking things in by the back door.

    • This isn’t the first time our government used distraction to pass a bill or executive order. There have been several occassions in the past, especially with this president.

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