Chemical weapons in Syria was an accident?

Dale Gavlak of the AP is reporting that the chemical weapons explosion in Syria was not the work of the government, but rather was an accident caused by the rebels.  They claim the gas was provided to them by the Saudis and was intended for rebel, more specifically al Qaeda, to use against the Syrian military and/or government.  However, while transporting the weapons, the rebels set them off accidentally.  According to Dale Gavlak, most of the rebels didn’t know what they were carrying and didn’t have training on transporting chemical weapons.

If this is true, then the Obama Administration’s assertion that al-Assad’s involvement in the attack are unfounded and their “undeniable” evidence is completely deniable.  I’m glad to see the Brits voted down intervening in Syria, but what does that mean for the US?  Will President Obama insist on going in anyway? 

One good thing is that Obama took his request to Congress and support for action in Syria is low.  My question still remains, though.  What will Obama do if our Congress tells him no?  Will he listen or go forward and some executive order or something?

In light of the new information coming out of Syria, I believe the White House should hold off on any action until it can be validated.  However, let’s say the info is wrong and the Syrian government did use the weapons.  I still do not believe that it is our place to go in there.  Especially since neither side of the conflict is friendly to the US.  It’s not like we’re protecting an ally or even our own interests.

On top of that, the CIA made mention that they did not have the concrete proof the Administration claimed it had.  Interesting, to say the least.

I feel for those affected by the chemical weapons, I really do.  No one should have to die in such a horrific manner.  However, it is an internal struggle that we have no place in.


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