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24 September, 2013

Police officers attacking American’s rights?

The most recent story I’ve seen of police officers attacking American’s rights is a story on The Blaze.  It wasn’t an officer tazing or shooting an unarmed or non-threatening man, or an officer bullying a woman at a protest rally, or anything like that.  This was another direct assault on the 1st Amendment.  You may recall the way a man, a concerned parent, was treated when he spoke out against Common Core the other day by a large intimidating police officer working as security at the school district meeting.  Well, this is a different story.

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19 September, 2013

Remember Generation X?

Do you remember the Generation X?  Remember how the older generations acted like the kids who were nothing but trouble?  I do.  I’m from Generation X.  So are many others in important positions. 

I also remember there were many that said Generation X would change the world.  I remember MTV used to celebrate the GenX-ers.  Albeit, I assume it was for marketshare as they dumped Gen X for Gen Y eventually.

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17 September, 2013

Were you distracted?

Were you distracted by the shooting at the D.C. Navy Yard?  Many people were.  I know that there are several people out there calling this a false flag event already. 

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13 September, 2013

Seriously? Haven’t they spied on us enough?

Fox News

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau officials are seeking to monitor four out of every five U.S. consumer credit card transactions this year — up to 42 billion transactions — through a controversial data-mining program, according to documents obtained by the Washington Examiner

10 September, 2013

Obituary of a Superpower

Today, we lay to rest the great and powerful United States.  She was beaten by political opponents and finished off with the knives of entitlement and liberalism.

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9 September, 2013

Monsanto Leading Super-Secret ‘Above Congress’ Obama Trade Scheme To Outlaw GMO Labeling Worldwide

Mike Adams
Natural News
September 9, 2013

naturalnews2It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and it’s a super secret trade pact being negotiated completely outside of law, with no congressional authority but with the aim of forcing nations around the world to ban GMO labeling, embrace Monsanto’s GMO crops and keep pharmaceutical prices artificially high to enrich the world’s medication monopolists.

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9 September, 2013

Obama: The Great Unifier?

Seriously.  I’m going to attempt to lay out the case that President Obama is a great unifier.  You think I’m kidding?  I also contend the current president has been good for business… some business.

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5 September, 2013

Is political correctness endangering Christians?

The San Antonio city council voted 8-3 to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of classes protected from discrimination.

“This ordinance does ensure that everybody in our community is created equally,” Councilman Diego Bernal told  However, Christians aren’t so sure, they’re afraid of discrimination from gays and their supporters.  Mayor Julian Castro disregarded concerns from Christians that it might make them second class citizens.

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3 September, 2013

Rapist may have contracted HIV from victim, lawyer says

The following story is from FoxNews.  Serves the guy right.

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3 September, 2013

Grinding my gears!

Yeah, you can tell I like Family Guy by the title, but it rings true.

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