Grinding my gears!

Yeah, you can tell I like Family Guy by the title, but it rings true.

First off, this whole Syria thing.  The Obama regime wants to teach the al-Assad regime a lesson for gassing their own people.  Then the stories come out that the rebels did it accidentally; a US military intelligence official was involved; the children you see dead aren’t actually dead, but are playing for the cameras; the Saudis sent the chemical weapons to Syria for the rebels to use.  There are all kinds of theories and stories coming out of Syria right now.  What’s the truth of the matter?  Well, I’ll tell you.

The truth is that people may have or have not been killed by a chemical weapon that could have either been purposely or accidentally been deployed by either the Syrian government or the rebels.  It was made in Syria or another country.  Clear?  I thought so.

What iritates me the most about htis is that we have no place inthis fight.  Both sides are our enemies and Obama and some in Congress seem to think that if we help them out, we’ll be friends.  That’s total BS.  Remember the Mujahadeen in the 1970s and 1980s?  We built them up to fight the Russians.  We armed and trained them.  Then guess what?  They became al Qaeda and started attacking us.  Why would we help them now? 

The idiots in DC claim it’s for humanitarian and national security reasons.  First off, these are the same people that like to kill westerners and anyone else who doesn’t agree with their twisted version of Islam.  Also, what national interest does it serve?  I don’t see it serving ours?  It doesn’t serve Israel’s as it stands, either.

Next thing that iritates me is that 90% of the US population is against taking any action in Syria, yet the president and several members of Congress doesn’t seem to understand that.  Then, you have these RINOs like House Speaker John Boehner going against the will of the American people and siding with the Obama White House.  He rarely does that and that tells me that something is awry.

The next thing I’m angry about has nothing to do with Syria, but rather North Korea; more specifically, Dennis Rodman.  This idiot goes over to the land of the opressed and tortured and becomes friends with the dictator.  They’re holding an American citizen prisoner on likely BS charges and he says he’s not going to bring it up, but rather go for basketball.  Are you freakin’ kidding me? This guy is nothing more than a has been washout POS freak.  Rodman, you are a moron and a sorry excuse for a person.

So, folks, those are the things I’m angry about today.


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